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Phubbs -> Godzilla Final Wars (JAP, 2004) (3/4/2012 10:06:43 PM)

I admit I haven't seen any of the old Godzilla films from Japan and never really been into them but the poster for this film just intrigued me, it looked like a computer game cover which I wanted to play.

Dunno how they do it but somehow Japanese films always seem to look gloriously slick n glossy and at the same time completely insane and over the top whilst also managing to be really good. This is no exception with a mix of the traditional hammy looking 'men in suits' approach which all Zilla fans will know and love, combined with some bluescreen work, cgi and model work.

It sounds like a real cocktail and it is with some truly silly camera angles and in your face effects and stunts which wouldn't look outta place in tacky W.S. Anderson film being accomplished by Milla Jovovich but somehow the Japanese make it all look terrific, colourful, stylish and original, just like their computer games.

All the monsters are included in this Zilla epic, a real monster mash just like the old Universal horrors, plus there are cast members from various older Zilla pics also (apparently) which is great for fans. The film is a blend of many genres and ideas you could pick from lots of films, its such an outrageous ambitious looking project but clearly made with care for the franchise.

The film is a fans wet dream and for newbies like me its a great sci-fi monster rumble with plenty of great visuals and neat ideas. The characters are all a bit cliched but you kinda know that going in, still they all look good, kudos to Don Frye who looks great in his 'M. Bison' looking outfit, sounds daft I know but he really looks cool.
Despite not being a graphic novel or comicbook adaptation this film really does feel and look like one, I really can't give enough praise for the tasty visuals, its so pleasing to eye especially with the mix of effects on offer. Completely enjoyable for all with no knowledge of previous films required :)

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