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JohnChard -> Naff ending. (15/11/2012 9:28:43 AM)

I honestly felt the ending was just naff, yet amazingly it just didn't take away from how much fun I had with the movie.

Go figure :-) 

UTB -> RE: Naff ending. (21/12/2012 10:40:49 PM)

Literally just finished watching this. It was superb. Have managed to avoid trailers/reviews and although I knew it was a riff on the horror genre, knew nothing more than that, and this was all the better for it.

The Empire review says this isn't quite a "Scream", however it pisses on Screams 2 to 4 from a very great height.

Super Hans -> RE: Great idea,WASTED (22/12/2012 12:23:34 PM)


Watched this for the first time last night - great fun![:D]  Genuinely had me guessing right through - the actual purpose behind it all definitely hadn't clicked until the end, and the wife and I had been working through all the options!  Consistently funny and intriguing.  The two fellas in the operations room were great fun - interesting how you don't really feel you should like them but can't help it!

When I first saw the trailer I remember thinking that it was a bit odd that they appeared to have given away the game - old style cabin turns out to be high tech house of horrors.  It's testament to the strength of the whole idea I think that that was really only scratching the surface (and was revealed right at the start of the film anyway).  For many horror films that in itself would probably sufficed as 'the big twist'!

I'd first heard about the film back in 2009 I think, hadn't realised the reason why it's been delayed so much.  It was worth the wait.

blaud -> Torture Porn, REMIX! (15/2/2013 10:29:39 AM)

How do you take a sub strata of horror films (it does help if this particular sub strata is overused and deader than a mouse in a pirahna tank), and convert it into a punchy, witty, and genuinely enjoyable film that transcends genres with every scene. I'm still not 100% on the formula, but I'd say it's been done. Serving up the style of gratuitous violence and horror movie 'rules' (as laid out by movies such as 'Scream'), subsequently flipping them on their heads, and incorporating fresh, understandable, yet still mysterious twists, and what you're left with is an exercise in genre acceptibility. The characters are your usual idiotic crew of friends, but are genuinely people worth investing emotion in, as the viewer is encouraged to care what happens to them, but in a reasonable way, not the typical horror way of, 'they didn't do anything, what the fuck?' Above all else, The Cabin In The Woods understands what it's doing. It's a loveletter to a genre that's all but dead and buried, and it's a hell of a kickstarter. Despite this, it never forgets the irony of the film, and plays this out with tongue firmly in cheek. In short, it's an original, striking vision that's every bit as beserk a fantasy-horror as you could expect. But in a good way, like.

bleedingcritic -> 'you couldn't care less if they all died horrible deaths within the first five minutes' (11/6/2013 12:11:38 PM)

NOTE: Be warned before you read my review; I have included three descriptions of what's observed during the film that might spoil the experience for those who prefer no spoilers whatsoever, otherwise jump on in.

There was a great deal of excitement when this film was released and I wanted to wait until the dust settled before I watched it. I was curious to see what the fuss was all about...

How to make The Cabin in the take an influence from 'Westworld' (1973) plus three visual ideas taken blatantly from 'The Evil Dead' (1981 ) and teen comedy scripts & characters ripped from the 'Scary Movie' and 'American Pie' films...The end result on screen here is not a break through horror film at all, it's just a teenage comedy slasher film. You've seen all the unbelievable characters so many times before, you couldn't care less if they all died horrible deaths within the first five minutes. My guess is this; a creative came up with an original idea for a horror film, about victims who choose one of their personal nightmare creatures to be their actual executioner. Then suddenly, far too many movie executives became involved and turned a good idea into a lighter version of what could have been, just for the sake for a wider audience.

If Muntant Enemy productions decided to take the serious approach to this project, by making a realistic and believable film, without the not very funny moments and over the top acting 'The Cabin in the Woods' (2011) might have been an experience worthwhile. There's good use of bear traps that I liked and an interesting gallery of large glass boxes, storing creatures from nightmares - which could be an idea direct from a Doctor Who episode. This film is a wasted opportunity, that's only appreciated by those that love cheap slasher comedies for the masses It's moving wallpaper, it goes through the eyes and exits straight out the back of your head

BelfastBoy -> RE: 'you couldn't care less if they all died horrible deaths within the first five minutes' (17/8/2013 5:55:42 PM)


One thing I really liked was probably down to an accident. Since the film was made a few years before being released, Chris Hemsworth did it before Thor, Avengers - maybe even before his brief turn in Star Trek, so he was basically unknown unless you're a Home and Away fan. But, by the time CITW was released, Hemsworth was obviously a huge star, and in a film generally without star names (Sigourney cameo aside), he naturally stood out. So, when his character dies maybe 40mins into the film, in such a humorous way, it's more of a shock than it would've been had the film been released a few years ago.

movienut707 -> "Oh, my God... I'm on a reality TV show." (24/11/2013 11:02:39 AM)

Cool and scary, unexpectedly funny and endlessly surprising, The Cabin in the Woods is far more than just your average horror movie... a relentless, refreshing, blood-soaked cinematic treat that's worth getting excited about.

Bleeding Critic -> THE CABIN IN THE WOODS review with Bleeding Critic (21/7/2015 9:13:28 AM)

I include an external link to my own review for THE CABIN IN THE WOODS for you to watch @BleedingCritic

Bleeding Critic -> THE CABIN IN THE WOODS review with Bleeding Critic (21/7/2015 9:13:30 AM)

I include an external link to my own review for THE CABIN IN THE WOODS for you to watch @BleedingCritic

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