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Empire Admin -> Ready For A Twins Sequel? (30/3/2012 8:20:34 AM)

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criffle -> Anyone wondered what the end of the world would be (30/3/2012 8:20:34 AM)

well... this is it.

Varkko Stush -> Shitlets... (30/3/2012 9:10:47 AM)

Need I say any more? Terrible idea.

oll -> Bad casting (30/3/2012 9:24:53 AM)

They should have "Benjamin Buttoned" up Warwick Davis instead of casting Murphy then the film might have stood a chance. As it is now from the casting alone it sounds like it'll just be some unintentional racism that thinks its a comedy (whats the betting that at some point one of the characters will insist that as a black man Murphy must be a supurb dancer and be good with the ladys, even if it subverts this by making him the oposit of the stereotype for comic effect).

attakdog -> (30/3/2012 9:29:39 AM)

YES, more Arnold singing on the big screen can ONLY be a good thing, "If you don't scrub the kitchen flooaahh"

ronniem -> Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 9:31:58 AM)

I was truly excited when I read the headline because I loved the first one....until I got to the Eddie Murphy part. I mean really??? Are they trying to shoot this picture down before it even starts rolling? Eddie Murphy has been a poisoned chalice to every film he's been in since Bulworth...I hope they drop him

UTB -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 9:32:36 AM)


S. C. Lee -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 9:41:25 AM)

Is it April 1st yet? [;)]

NCC1701A -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 10:05:35 AM)

 Do we really need a Twins sequel ?

UTB -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 10:51:57 AM)

Do we really need Arnold or Murphy?

Tootled -> Oh dear. (30/3/2012 11:53:10 AM)

What a surprise. Hollywood digs up yet another film to give it the sequel or reboot treatment.

BenTramer -> For Quadruplets Add Jackie Chan. (30/3/2012 11:58:45 AM)

It depends what Eddie Murphy we get. If its Beverly Hills Cop Murphy, great. If it's Norbit/A Thousand Words Murphy, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Twins was a good idea for a comedy that was never really as funny as it should have been. It all got too sentimental. If this has a tighter script, it could be good. I don't know though, it's 24 years later and Schwarzenegger isn't the star he once was. We'll see.

AyannaNyx -> Aren't we forgetting... (30/3/2012 12:18:19 PM)

Both DeVito and Arnie's characters had twins themselves at the ending, just to rub in the whole 'ha ha they're twins and they have twins, how cute' idea... So what's this now, did they not only forget they had a triplet bro, but each forget a kid at the hospital? lol

djdarrenjames -> I get it! (30/3/2012 3:17:33 PM)

djdarrenjames -> I get it! (30/3/2012 3:19:11 PM)

Hey, a gritty reboot would be cool. Let's get Nolan on it.

Spaldron -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 4:33:30 PM)



Is it April 1st yet? [;)]

They got the dates wrong.

luckyrathen -> Isn't it a little early.... (30/3/2012 4:42:54 PM)

... for an April Fools Day gag?!

NinjaShortbread212 -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 4:43:14 PM)

Read about this this morning and all I can say is... leave it ALONE!

luckyrathen -> Isn't it a little early.... (30/3/2012 4:43:33 PM)

For an April Fools day gag?

NinjaShortbread212 -> RE: Eddie Murphy??? (30/3/2012 4:43:38 PM)

Damn Server Error. [&o]

Jonda Fett -> suckers (30/3/2012 7:19:52 PM)

Can't believe how many people have bought this! It's april fools day on sunday and the empire office isn't open on sundays...

MaytheFaustbewithYou -> Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny Devito in Monster Hunters the movie !! (30/3/2012 10:32:39 PM)

thepluginbaby -> (31/3/2012 2:42:44 PM)

No... No... Noooooo...

S. C. Lee -> RE: (1/4/2012 1:03:47 PM)

So is anyone from Empire gonna confirm that this was a gag [8D]

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