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Empire Admin -> The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (22/3/2012 3:18:29 AM)

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YouWillBeUnprepared -> Review on TGWTDT Soundtrack (22/3/2012 3:18:30 AM)

This has to be the most -repeat, the most- beautiful, charasmatic, and flamboyant soundtrack in all the land. Trent Reznor's score for this film has totally outdone itself. It's beautiful and weird, and yet totally threatening and sometimes calming. It almost could be used for nearly any film, (it's entirely genre-less) but the highlight of this score, would undoubtly be Karen O's cover of Immigrant. It's sexy, and had been beautifully crafted over so many different levels. The first, and most common, would be the dub-step that doesn't over do itself, which is brilliant. What makes a great cover song, is when the singer does not try to sing it like the original, but gives it their own. There is a sense of originality in this song and in the score, because it stands out from the social network or whatever else it would naturally be compared to. I never get sick of listening to this, beautfully eerie and mysterious soundtrack on the way to school, or even at home. It's almost infinite. And with 30 different tracks, there is not one that can be catergorized favourite above all others. Finally, this score stands out because it is not orcestra, it's just keyboard, but it definately takes itself seriously. I feel like this soundtrack understands me; I've realized why so many of these tracks sound familiar, is because I've actually whistled or hummed tracks like these spontaneously. This soundtrack has meaning, almost like a living being.. Three stars, shame on you.

Rich Empire -> A Truly Great Soundtrack. (5/6/2012 6:05:57 PM)

I personally think that this surpasses the soundtrack for The Social Network, which is also a very fine body of work.
TGWTDT Soundtrack contains beautifully stark sound design flowing into crisp emotional and mysterious soundscapes.
A great experience, and for me a modern classic.
Plus it includes a fantastic cover of "The Immigrant Song" featuring The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O.

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