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Empire Admin -> The Devil Inside (16/3/2012 10:51:01 PM)

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filmsunlimited -> Wow, first to comment! (16/3/2012 10:51:01 PM)

Empire you have it about right. A disappointment. What looks like a genuinely scary trailer pans out as an odd jump (when a barking dog provides one of the best jumps you know theres trouble!) interspersed by long periods of boredom and oh-my-god if the church knew we were doing exorcisms on the sly tedium. The finale is almost a metaphor for the whole film, a long period of pedestrianism and all of a sudden, slam on the accelerator of absurdity which really kicks off after the lets drown the baby at the baptism scene and ends describing the whole film really, a bit of a car crash!

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Wow, first to comment! (19/3/2012 3:44:21 PM)

Jesus what a load of old shite how Americans gave over $33million for this i'll never know!
Oh hang on they're American they probably thought this was the scarriest thing ever till the next watered down 15 cert one comes out.
I'm not the biggest Horror fan BUT! FOR FUCK'S SAKE TRY & SCARE ME A LITTLE BIT![sm=mad45.gif]
3/10 Feeling generous only because it was under 80 minutes.

Ciaran McDaid -> SHITE MOVIE (20/3/2012 12:37:03 PM)

Worst Of The Year So Far

Kate_452 -> What were they thinking?? (23/3/2012 9:33:36 AM)

I don't understand how anyone qualified enough to get into the film making business can possibly sit down and watch that and think it was well written/made. The film was difficult to watch, not because it was disturbing but because it mainly involved bouts of people screaming followed by long periods of conversations about the church which we weren't really made to invest in.
As for the end, worst ending to a film ever. Just as it was getting mildly interesting they all get hit by a truck?!?!? Again I can't believe anyone who calls themselves a writer could think that that was good work. ridiculous and i have never been so glad to work at a cinema because if i'd paid for that, I would have been even more angry.

Filmmuscle -> Waste of time! (23/3/2012 1:31:50 PM)

I was expecting this film to have very interesting sides to it and to be engaging but it was utterly disappointing. The story didn't go anywhere and it was not scary in the least. The sum of the film was echoed when the credits started to roll, someone shouted, 'I want my money back.' Avoid

vipey -> Evil (1/4/2012 10:43:11 PM)

A film without any merit whatsoever - to comment any further would to do it more justice than it deserves. Gave it one star because the website would not let me give it no stars.

danielthompson99 -> Wow, you guys really hated this (6/6/2012 8:19:30 PM)

This actually got my pulse going, which is more than I can say for The Last Exorcism. I thought the exorcisms were very well shot and liked the ideas behind the story. Also Vatican City is one hell of a backdrop.
The end sucked, but hey, can't win them all.
IMDB reviewers had a lot more positive things to say about this movie.

chrisdagnall -> IT'S A TWO.... (14/2/2013 1:54:10 PM)


blaud -> An Insipid, Tired Formula (15/2/2013 10:38:06 AM)

We're now forced to confront the question; is it time to retire the old shaky-cam horror now? Blair Witch and Cloverfield spoke well for the defense, as did Paranormal Activity if you look at it from an objective standpoint. Now, though, with this sudden flux of films in this genre, it has become an overused, clichéd fad. Admittedly, The Devil Inside isn't the worst 'found-footage' film I've ever seen, but it's definitely not the best. A clumsy script and an uninspired screenplay lead to a clumsy and uninspired film. There are a few exorcism scenes that may stir the blood of a few weak-hearted viewers, but for frights, you're probably better staring at the cheese in your fridge until it gets maggots. Really, a visual mechanic is a poor substitute for innovation, and I find it insulting that films like this continue to be made when there are a million promising screenplays vying for a chance to be made into films.

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