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Empire Admin -> Cleanskin (11/3/2012 10:15:21 PM)

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mocfilms -> Worst film of the year. Avoid. (11/3/2012 10:15:21 PM)

i absolutely HATED this horrible film. Save yourself the bother of walking out by not walking in. Aside from the smoking fetish that the director clearly has, all of the characters are annoying to the point that you want them all to die to end this preaching, racist, human centipede 2 of a film.

ChowDown -> Intense and superb! (8/5/2012 3:52:04 PM)

This film is amazingly intense and vicious and smart. The two plot lines are of the suicide bomber and his past where an how he was radicalised at university and the current day plot line is that of the secret service agent hunting him brilliantly played by Sean badass Bean. So it cuts back and forth between the two characters. So it's not entirely wham bam action but thats why I liked it.

It shows why these loony terrorists turn and you see the gradual transformation of a young British born Asian. The plot line of Sean's character hunting the terrorist is very very vicious and violent so ioved it. Sean is a vicious killing machine and this is driven by a personal vendetta which is revealed later so
I won't spoil it

My only criticism has nothing to do with the film but with the marketing, it's pushed like its a Sean bean action vehicle when really its a film about two characters with long scenes of dialogue, distributors should take note as there should be a hint of the fact that there's more to this film than just decapitations and head splats, of which there are quite a few and which I enjoyed big time.

Enjoy !

princessa -> RE: Intense and superb! (26/7/2012 4:08:04 PM)

I enjoyed this movie. Its part action movie, part thriller.

I enjoyed the action sequences even if they were brutal, but the flashbacks went on for too long and bored me.

HOWEVER - i felt it worked better as an action movie. They really should have stuck to that.

It was marketed wrongly there is not much action in this and the main star is not Sean Bean. There is not as much action as hyped instead its really about a young man's journey into terriorism.

The film was far too long at nearly two hours. It would have worked better with some more editing.

Still a pretty good film; one i would recommend.

RJNeb2 -> Sluggish thriller (8/10/2014 11:27:45 AM)

A cleanskin is a rogue terrorist element that has passed undetected by the security services. And while it’s laudable that this makes a serious attempt to understand what causes a young British Islam man to go down the radicalized route, the overfamiliarity of some of the scenarios and Bean’s tired performance as the secret service agent tracking down the terrorist mean that it’s unnecessarily hard going.

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