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Supermarket Prodigy -> Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (2/3/2012 8:41:19 PM)

Hi all,
I'm new around here, here's my first attempt at a review!


How do you make something as serious and usually chilling as death, funny? The answer? Tucker and Dale versus Evil!

So many comedies work off unfortunate misunderstandings, this particular film takes it to rather farcical extremes and dependent on your taste it can work a treat! The omniscient narrative sets an audience a point of view from both sides, the college kids going camping and the hillbillies who have just bought a vacation home around the same area.

Dale, cursed with an inferiority complex, has an inability to talk and interact to women which sees him come off in completely the wrong light to Allison, one of the pretty girls in the college clan and her friends. When Tucker and Dale go out fishing, the college teens are going skinny dipping - Allison gets spooked after seeing the pair staring at her undressing and tumbles into the water, unconscious after hitting her head! The well-meaning hillbillies rescue her, yelling at her college counterparts that they've 'Got her friend!' It appears aggressive to the teens who decide they're out to get them!

It sparks a series of quite crazy misunderstandings with the teens managing to kill themselves off by accident as they try and attack Tucker and Dale. Things grow worse for the well-meaning, lovable twosome when a loose beam in their vacation home kills a cop! The teens, convinced that they're coming up against cold-hearted murderers of pure evil, take Tucker hostage - leaving it to Dale to try and rescue him. He manages to retrieve his friend, narrowly avoiding a trap in which a spear was coming straight towards him in a rather choice place, leaving him to comment, "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad I'm not hung like a bear!"

The surviving teens arrive at the vacation home to save Allison, though Tucker and Dale arrive soon after. Allison, the voice of reason, gets both to sit down. We learn Chad has a grudge against hillbillies as he claims they killed his father and tortured his mother during the Memorial Day Massacre - the reason for his grudge against Tucker and Dale. Another series of unfortunate events leads to the hillbillies' vacation home being blown up, with all the teens but Chad dead. Now horribly scarred, appearing a classic horror bad guy, he takes chase of the twosome and Allison. Allison is taken by Chad, now insane, and its left to Dale to put on his hero shoes and go save her!

Can the endearing hillbilly overcome his inferiority, step out a hero and get the girl? It's over to you to find out...

Personally I thought it was a hoot, utterly barmy but charming in its presentation. It's got all the gore that horror fans adore, a littering of stereotypes that are taken to extreme levels though probably have some level of truth. As with Modern Family, Cam and Mitch go some way to breaking stereotypes of gay couples, while Tucker and Dale do the same for hillbillies in this. It's an interesting take on the horror genre, you've got your 'must have' gore, though characters to make you smile, an adorable love story and an end that leaves your heart warm, rather than chilly all over - as so often horror movies do at their conclusion.

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We already have a thread for this film [:)]


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