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Interesting, but Hercules wasn't Greek. Heracles was Greek, Hercules was a Roman rip-off.

Good call. Johnson fits the part well, IMHO, since the skin color and precise ethnicity of the ancient Greeks is a matter of some debate. The Alexander of the ALEXANDER MOSIAC in the House of Faun was certainly a tan fellow. I like Johnson, and I'd like him to get a chance to succeed with this. With that said, I'd hope that this movie tries to bring us a historical Heracles, the figure from Greek prehistory. Johnson traveling to Ancient India would be a sight I wouldn't soon miss. Sadly, the fact this is a Bret Ratner picture tells me that is not the movie we will get. I just can't see Ratner telling a story where Johnson as Heracles murders his children in a fit of maddness, with the final scene being one where The Rock self immolates on his own funeral pyre.

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