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Empire Admin -> Shadows (13/2/2012 10:31:04 PM)

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TheGodfather -> (13/2/2012 10:31:05 PM)

Empire is wrong in the review: the film wasn`t improvised at all. The fact that the end credit states that it does, was mainly a marketing trick. It was based on long improvisations though but what we see on screen was scripted. Parts of the film that we see is even shot about 2 years apart. No improvisation there ;)

Revisited yesterday:

A few years ago this was, if my memory serves me right, the first Cassavetes film I saw. Back then, with the knowledge I had, I didn`t really like it much. Now, after I`ve seen more of his work and I`m more familiar with his style, I could appreciate it more. Still I think this isn`t his best work I`ve seen so far but it is good for sure: raw and gritty with great acting. Well worth checking out.


TheGodfather -> (30/9/2012 11:38:02 PM)

A Cassavetes film in high-def, that has to be a dream come true for a lot of cinephiles. Thanks to the BFI that is now possible.
Shadows was the first of the three films that they`ve released (all of wich are already in my collection) that I saw.
Result: the masterpiece that Cassavetes` debut is looks better than ever before, it finally has that real filmic feel to it. Overall the picture quality looks good but it really does show that the transfer is made up out of 3 different sources: parts have a picture quality as it should be, with a nice amount of film grain, but there also are a few scenes that (by the look of it) are cleaned up too much, making them look too clean and losing the authentic character of the film.
Luckily those moments are a minority and for the biggest part it`s a true joy to see Cassavetes in HD.
Curious to see how the rest has turned out, especially A Woman Under The Influence (wich has already arrived!)


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