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Empire Admin -> Exclusive Cleanskin Images (10/2/2012 9:44:18 PM)

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Whistler -> (10/2/2012 9:44:18 PM)

Boromir with a gun? Gotta be good.

BenTramer -> Careful DOwn There, Not Too Sharpey (10/2/2012 9:58:59 PM)

Cleanskin sounds like a really good documentary about circumcision. Michelle Ryan is gorgeous.

doug64 -> RE: Careful DOwn There, Not Too Sharpey (10/2/2012 10:34:54 PM)

"Sean Bean has a gun... and a knife"

You don't need to say anything else. i'm allready sold on this movie!!

doug64 -> double post (10/2/2012 10:35:50 PM)

bit of a double post there, sorry. so i changed this one to read something else... :)

antosh25 -> Please. (11/2/2012 2:41:10 AM)

Bond/ Taken/ Unknown/ Bourne.

chrisharvey1551 -> sean bean not a villain? (11/2/2012 4:19:40 AM)

good to see sean bean play a lead (outlaw doesn't count because its pants) and not the badguy but do think this will go down the same path taken did but not as well! so writer's prove me wrong!!!!

hornja -> JLH (13/2/2012 1:11:09 PM)

great action, great to see a British Movie, it must have a chance at the BAFTA's 2013... Sean Bean Legend

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