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Empire Admin -> Ford Won't Be In New Blade Runner (7/2/2012 7:56:23 PM)

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BenTramer -> Does Harrison Ford Dream Of Blade Runner 2? (7/2/2012 7:56:23 PM)

Harrison Ford is making some pretty bad movies lately, this is a golden opportunity to do a Blade Runner movie he's happy with. It's 30 years later and everything has changed, it won't be the nightmare shoot of the early 80s. They can do so much with CGI now that there's no need to shoot everything then and there. Do it for the fans, Harrison.

Holbydude -> If Ford was to appear in the film.... (7/2/2012 10:32:37 PM)

......A plot arch could be young Deckard hated his job as a Blade Runner and went to Tyrell Corp to get a replica of him on the streets so he could retire. Deckard reitres after one gets made and 'it' is the Blade Runner in the film. Gaff knows Deckard has been replaced but hasn't told Byrant. Rachel's longevity was not in her programming and 'dies'. Replicant Deckard becomes more aware of himself and certain implanted memories thought blocked, come back...He goes looking for Human Deckard...I would love to see that happen and a character called 'Weyland' or 'Bishop' never know....Holbydude out.

King of Kafiristan -> RE: If Ford was to appear in the film.... (8/2/2012 10:18:32 PM)

BLADE RUNNER was my first ever favorite film. As far back as sixth grade, I was telling everyone at camp who would listen about my undying love for Scott's brilliant vision of the future. So, at first blush, my reaction to this news is one of mild disappoint. When I think it over though, and take off the rose colored glasses, I'm more than ready to say this is most definitely a good sign. I was a bit weary of a BLADE RUNNER sequel sequel in the first place, but felt more comfortable with the idea that it would be a film that took place in that "universe", but would leave Deckard's tale alone. The elevator doors slamming shut are all we need, and to answer those mysteries directly, to show us Ford as an old man, just would be doing a disservice to the legacy of BR. Ford, as much as I love him (in my opinion? greatest movie star of all time), has not been on his game lately, and I don't even really have faith he's still capable of the kind of acting he turned out in his 80s heyday.

So let this BLADERUNNER be it's own animal. Hopefully we'll get something special out of it.

cinefan 1958 -> Why do have to go back to the Original (12/2/2012 7:25:47 PM)

Talks with the production team say that they are going through the writing process, not casting. Can we just look to the fact that some people involved in the first one would not be in the second? I find nothing wrong with the idea of something different to be done in the name of BLADE RUNNER, and not being a complete re-do like so many times the Hollywood Film Factory tries to do so often in recent years. I have always loved the Original since the opening day in the Summer of 1982, I can live with another version without being a sequel or redux.

bellclinton -> (30/5/2012 11:11:40 AM)

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