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Empire Admin -> Man On A Ledge (1/2/2012 4:52:45 PM)

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john hadlow -> Man on the Edge (1/2/2012 4:52:45 PM)

Quite frankly one of the finest films of this "mini" genre-Kim references the "Cats eyes" segment,which as its only a short piece in a longer overall movie,lacks the tension and feeling that this movie has-a gripping tale and well worth standing in a long line to see..good camera work and a genuinely tense feel to the film make this one of the must sees of 2012-John Hadlow

tysmuse -> boring start (5/2/2012 7:47:51 PM)

boring title, pretty boring film and the comedic moments do naaaat work. Its biggest problem is that it's just a shit idea, and the more you think about it, the shitter it gets. Picks up a little towards the end, but not enough.

hotdogjelly -> (14/2/2012 10:27:57 PM)

Really good!

Bighousewill -> Good Popcorn Muncher (17/2/2012 3:14:31 PM)

Obvious title and a decent film to watch not requiring too much brain power nice penny drop moment and it has that thrillery tense hiest movie atmospheric music that builds up, its just a fun film not bad at all three stars.

Saxsymbol -> Disappointment (26/2/2012 12:36:30 PM)

The producers must have thought "Ow, let's take some aspects from the documentary 'Man on Wire', especially the part where everybody blocks the streets to look up at the wirewalker', and mix it with Spike Lee's 'Inside Man". Unfortunately though, their lack of originality is visible throughout the whole movie: Where Spike Lee made a mysterious heist movie with multiple plot changes and other surprises, Man on a Ledge reveals the objective at the beginning and without ANY surprises it takes you to the end in a boring, badly written and painfully unfunny script. The characters are as shallow as a puddle and the actual heist is just as stupid as any kids film (gluing photo's in front of security cameras etc.) and to make it more rediculous, it's being done by two amateurs, one of them a sexy girl that has to spice up our testosteron by wearing only sexy outfits, effordlessly entering the most secure vault. Even 'Entrapment' has more credibility. Disappointing, especially because they missed so many golden opportunities to actually make this into a real nailbiter.

chrisdagnall -> ENJOYABLE! (30/6/2012 4:21:46 PM)


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