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Empire Admin -> Joe Carnahan Updates On Death Wish (1/2/2012 8:33:26 AM)

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BenTramer -> "Fill Your Hand..." (1/2/2012 8:33:26 AM)

Death Wish was set in 70s New York which had a huge problem with crime, but they managed to stamp it out. So a new Death Wish wouldn't work there. Death Wish II was set in LA. They need to eliminate the whole Janechill midsection where Kersey goes out West and the movie goes off the point. They also have to have the hero find and confront the muggers who attacked his family instead of killing random muggers who had nothing to do with it.

stephen_se9 -> Liam Neeson (1/2/2012 9:28:27 AM)

End of.

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