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StaceyB -> RE: RE: (12/7/2013 11:48:28 AM)

Saw this recently, I thought the effects were going to let it down but the blow out at the end was brilliantly done for the budget. Any film that gives me an unsettling feeling in my stomach is a winner in my book. Good script, well acted.

BigKovacs -> RE: RE: (16/7/2013 9:52:42 PM)

Yeah it was it wasn't perfect but it was a solid effort for a first timer with a low budget. And Akira spring to mind as well. Andrew's hospital garb was almost exactly the same as Tetsuo's at the end of the film. Plus the editing is well worth noting, there's some clever cutting that hides some of the weaker effects and adds shock value to the violence.

violetxgun -> Andrew Tribute (8/7/2015 3:00:41 PM)

Best one Ive seen!, it really captures the emotional depth of the movie (and roots for Andrew!)

click here--->

Youtube doesnt like it so they wont allow it on the site, but you can support this video here

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