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Kazzyy89 -> Blue Valentine (24/1/2012 1:59:19 PM)

I recently took the plunge and decided to watch this film, the genre itself isn't one I would normally go for but I had heard a few good things.

First of I want to say Do Not Waste Your Time!
It started off excruciatingly slow, so much so I started to get the turn off twitch! But I like to give slow starters the benefit of the doubt.(plus I really just wanted to see the younger version of the character 'Dean' played by the lovely Ryan Gosling)
So I stuck at it and ended up watching the entire thing. Surely it must of been watchable you would think? Nope It was my pure curiosity and wishful thinking that got me through.

I had heard that the film depicted a love story that covered different time periods. This would make you believe you would be seeing the good and bad of the relationship. i struggled to see the good. it seemed to focus more on the shortcomings then anything else. something you could see at any time on Jeremy Kyle.
Have we gone into a new age where people want a more believable story? that it's presumed we all know fairy tale endings don't in fact exist. did i miss something? isn't that the point in 'romantic' films? to show you what you could have won if you lived in the world of make believe and fairy dust?
I want to be able to escape the humdrum of life by sticking on a unobtainable reality i can sink my teeth into. I like to be left with the feeling of maybe one day i could be that happy. I don't want to see how disappointing life actually is!

It's a dam shame after seeing Ryan in such a heart retching inspiring love story to then do something like this. It left me with a sour taste.

The only good thing I could possibly say was at least it was relatable and The characters looked as haggered as we do in the real world.

elab49 -> RE: Blue Valentine (24/1/2012 2:02:07 PM)

Welcome to reviews.

We ask that people use search and use the existing thread however. Otherwise we'd have the place covered in individual reviews [:)]

shool -> RE: Blue Valentine (24/1/2012 4:08:03 PM)

And heres the link to the thread.

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