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Empire Admin -> The Crow Lawsuit Has Been Settled (24/1/2012 10:17:43 AM)

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dannyfletch -> Not sure! (24/1/2012 10:17:43 AM)

I'm really not sure this re-make is a good idea. The first Crow movie has got such a big cult following and is famous for being Brandon Lee's last film that I think there's going to be a lot of dissapointed fans, especially if they do cast Mark Wahlberg ( such a shit suggestion for the role!) They really need to tread carefully if they go through with this and choose the lead very carefully!

Lucy McCaul -> No! (24/1/2012 11:16:19 AM)

Why can't they just take the hint and leave it alone!

Lucy McCaul -> No! (24/1/2012 11:16:30 AM)

Why can't they just take the hint and leave it alone!

Lucy McCaul -> No! (24/1/2012 11:16:44 AM)

Why can't they just take the hint and leave it alone!

Lucy McCaul -> oops (24/1/2012 11:42:00 AM)

Sorry, I didn't mean to be that emphatic! I got an error message and wasn't sure if my post had gone on - clearly it had!

dgribble -> LEAVE IT ALONE! (25/1/2012 12:19:58 AM)

EMPIRE; How the hell is this good news, that means the movie's going ahead with development. Someone take the hint; the universe does not want this movie remade!

jutman -> why all the remakes? (25/1/2012 8:53:34 AM)

isn't it time hollywood comes up with an original idea? sometimes its best to leave the original as the only one. not all films need remakes. have the feeling in twenty years time will be going to see all remakes!!!

paulcolley66 -> I AM SURE! This should not happen. (25/1/2012 2:14:39 PM)

Please, please leave this alone. Let the original stand and don't mess with it. For God's sake can't they stop making remakes? There's so much other source material out there in the world of the graphic novel to screw up don't redo one of the good ones.

shitneck -> (26/1/2012 10:02:48 AM)

The irony is that hollywood are now paying huge amounts of money to the tried and tested screenwriters to regurgitate old movies, rather than spending the money wisely and giving younger, fresher minds the oportunity to create new stories and ideas. The original Crow didn't exactly set the industry alight did it? And let's be honest, it only has cult status purely because of the mystery surrounding Brandon Lee's demise. Is this how desperate the studios are to make a couple of million in profit, rather than tens of millions on a fresh idea?

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