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Cinematicfocus -> Shame - Steve McQueen (17/1/2012 5:43:11 PM)

Hey all!

I recently saw the film 'Shame' in the cinema and was utterly mesmorized by the entire film. It inspired me to write about it, so if any one wants to check out my article, the link is below [image][/image] Thanks

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JIm R -> RE: Shame - Steve McQueen (23/1/2012 8:46:12 PM)

Saw this on Friday as part of my birthday weekend and went to see it with Emyr and it was a mesmeric piece of film making, proving that Hunger was certainly no fluke. The unravelling of the central character, played by Fassbender (omnipresent currently but deservedly so) was part engaging, horrifying, sad, complex, and above all you found a man struggling to find and establish a personality for himself in his own life outside that of an addicted skeletol being whose skin does not fit.

Without giving too much away, the entrance of his sister in New York upon re-entering his life changes everything on his view of the world around him, forced to confront his own soul less excistence beyond meeting woman after woman for sexual gratification but never finding love from any encounter, indeed the pursuit of love repels until.....

It is a film as much about one's view of engaging with your mind as it is with your body, what is love ? how is love amongst our moral conscience affecting our will to engage with those closest to us and how we embody where we fit in the larger scheme of life.

Startling lead performances, cinematography so adept and clean you could wish to hold each shot for a lifetime. A beautiful piece of film making, it is not about sex, it is a film about identity and self proclamation of the human need to be wanted by ourselves and those who we would regard closest to us and whether one can ever break from a character or does our personna have to throttle our own desires.

Five Stars.

shool -> RE: Shame - Steve McQueen (24/1/2012 4:10:33 PM)

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