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sauchieboy -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (8/9/2012 3:27:18 PM)


ORIGINAL: Rgirvan44

This film is AWESOME.

Girvan; aye, the film is fucking awesome. Right from the moment that bike roars through the underpass, I can't remember the action letting up for more than two or three minute moments of stillness and tranquility, before plunging headlong back into the mayhem. There were moments in the film when I was almost begging for a little respite from the carnage, just to gather my thoughts and get my breath back, but Dredd kept pounding relentlessly on, head down and guns blazing, carving a path through the dead bodies littering the floors of that massive cityblock.

Bodies are mangled, pulverised, twisted and mutilated in ways I've certainly never seen on screen before, and the film makes full use of its 18 certificate; reminding me of a type of film making that's been absent from our screens for far too long now. I enjoy the all-ages fun of things like The Avengers as much as anyone else, but I'd forgotten what it was like to see films like Escape From New York and The Warriors on the big screen - films where the heroes are every bit as brutal as the psychos they're up against, and where the writer and director aren't holding back to avoid earning a certificate that excludes secondary school kids and their pocket money from the theatre.

The singular setting never feels like it constrains the action, thanks to the impressive expanse of the physical space the film makers have created; and Anthony Dod Mantle uses the white light of phosphor attacks, the queasy green miasma of CS gas, and the electric strobing of stun grenades to make each environment Dredd and Anderson pass through feel like its own discreet part of a larger journey. Dredd doesn't promise to do an awful lot - it's a simple story and concept - but it's technically well executed, with moments of inspired visual flair, and it never holds back, never short-changes the audience; charging full-throttle towards its inevitable, brutal conclusion.

Like the main character, the central appeal of this film is that it will not let you down.

rich -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (11/9/2012 7:05:07 PM)

Some concept art

spark1 -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (24/9/2012 10:23:25 AM)

and now the comedown.

'dredd' died on its arse in the US.
looks like there was not enough buzz to sell it over there.

film man aidy -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (24/9/2012 11:17:53 PM)

It's US box office figures were D.O.A. 
Pretty much no chance of a follow up now...Shame... 

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (25/9/2012 10:24:37 AM)

Wonder now as with Resident Evils megre takings is it really worth making these mid range budget films in 3D when all they're doing is amping up the budget & taking away from any likely profits?

rich -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (25/9/2012 7:29:49 PM)

They are still calling it a remake over there even in the reviews, what did anyone expect. The box office/budget ratio looks incredibly bad despite the vastly better critical reception next to the 1995 debacle.

manwihtheplan -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (29/9/2012 11:24:43 AM)

It seems Dredd 3D has fallen out of the US top 10 after one week. Box office estimates for this weekend:

The success of Hotel Transylvania proves that your safest bet in Hollywood is family orientated stuff - being animated helps too. Dredd 3D would appear to be the hardest sell: R rated, tough unappealing hero, very violent.

Cool Breeze -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (29/9/2012 1:02:00 PM)

Dredds box office take increased by 30% between the monday and tuesday.

Good word of mouth getting around? It was hardly ever going to open big.Maybe theres still chance of it becoming a sleeper hit?

rich -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (29/9/2012 1:51:12 PM)

It's unlikely, as a "success" is usually measured on opening weekend. I think the R rating and the lack of knowledge about 2000AD is the problem. Even Box Office Mojo catagorises it under "sci-fi remake". Perhaps it will break even, but I expect we will be looking at DVD sales to claw that back now. Am I right in thinking it will be expected to make double it's own budget to ever be considered for a sequel?

manwihtheplan -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (29/9/2012 2:14:16 PM)


Maybe theres still chance of it becoming a sleeper hit?

It's done quite good business here in the UK - over 3 million, I think, but in the key territory - the US - it's done as bad as it could have done. It's been an epic flop stateside. When you factor in the extra revenue from 3D ticket prices it makes its box office even worse.

People can speculate why it flopped and who is to blame blah blah blah, but I reckon the harsh truth is Judge Dredd doesn't appeal to Americans. It was worth rebooting Judge Dredd but Americans don't care about the character. The chances of a sequel are 99.9 percent unlikely.

Marwood -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (29/9/2012 6:01:32 PM)

It's a shame (I really enjoyed the film) but I think too many ingredients were wrong for it to be much of a hit in the US.

1. R Rated
2. Almost exclusively 3D - there's as many audiences jaded with the format as there are fans, not having much of a 2D presence will have hurt it
3. It was released against safer fare (horror/slasher film, Eastwood film)
4. Arguably targetd too much at fanboys rather than a bigger push for general audiences

I don't think it's that American audiences don't "get" Dredd; the Stallone version wasn't a big hit because it was bad and got pretty negative reviews (although I do like it as something of a guilty pleasure). There's nothing about the character or setting which I think would be a big turn off for so many, a lot of the concepts and themes aren't really anything new anyway - just different explorations of things seen god knows how many times in other films over the years. It's not like Dredd is some brand new, esoteric concept that would boggle and confuse movie goers.

I just think with all of the above Dredd was always likely to be something of a cult film; even on a small budget the chances of it being profitable and thereby ripe for a sequel are low unless it picks up through the good word of mouth or does exceptionally well on home release. I'd very much like to see a sequel/s so I'm hoping it finds a bigger audience on DVD/Blu Ray but I suspect this is the last we'll see of Urban's Dredd.

Ah well, they got the core of the film right this time at least and I'll certainly be picking it up on Blu Ray. Maybe the next reboot will do better.

manwihtheplan -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (29/9/2012 6:29:54 PM)

This is all said in hindsight, of course, we call all be smart after the event (!) but the R rating and the 3D did seem to limit the audience. There was a lot of emphasis put on the film's violence as if there wasn't much else to get people interested in it. I remember the producers talking about it being gritty and violent and you have to wonder if that was pretty much the limit to their understanding of the character and his world. Regardless of people's personal opinions of the film it's worth stressing the film lacked any


Social observation

Crazy humour

If you make a Judge Dredd without those elements there's a risk you're just reducing the concept to helmeted hero in corridors which is, more or less, what we got in Dredd 3D. People praised the film's simple plot but you could look at in another way and posit the view the simple plot - clearly inspired by Die Hard - was a sign of the film maker's limited understanding of the source material. Alex Garland didn't showcase much Dredd content. The plot wasn't specific to Judge Dredd's world.

If Judge Dredd is destined to fail at the box office I would have preferred a more imaginative storyline. If you're gonna fail be like Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. That film didn't find an audience but it was gloriously over-the-top. A lot of people won't be remembering Judge Dredd as gloriously over-the-top. I'm sure many will say "cool sci-fi version of The Raid" but that's not meaning it's that faithful to the source material or standing out from other action films.

Macavity -> RE: Dredd (2012): Chaos and Creation (22/10/2012 12:14:50 PM)

I can see Dredd performing better on home release. A huge chunk of the demographic was preventing from seeing the film due to the 18 certificate. I would have gone mental for Dredd when I was 15 years old.
It's going to be a long game...but I'd bet on it performing well on DVD.

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