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Empire Admin -> The Artist (6/1/2012 4:11:53 PM)

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umer_ejaz -> Couldn't agree more...... (6/1/2012 4:11:53 PM)

Just loved every minute of it.....brilliantly shot, beautifully acted and just a joy to watch.

TrendMeUp -> RE: The Artist (6/1/2012 5:14:49 PM)

What a fantastic review.

The film was just gorgeous. So full of tiny moments that make your heart swell or your face light up. It really does capture the honest joys of cinema. I sincerely hope Dujardin bags himself an Oscar as he is so full of presence, grace, humility and tragedy throughout. Magnifique.

Swedle -> Want to see it! (6/1/2012 11:11:33 PM)

i've been looking forward to this film for weeks, but my local cineworld isn't showing it ( i have an unlimited card, which they might as well call the 'you can see twilight and transformers, but that's it' card) so looks like i'll be waiting a while :(

nhassell -> RE: Want to see it! (7/1/2012 12:15:18 AM)

Saw this about a month ago. Absolutely blew me away. Will definatly pay to see it again next week.

After that final scene, I left the cinema with an ear-to-ear grin on my face. Honestly one of my new favourite films.

efc91 -> Perfect (7/1/2012 1:27:55 PM)

The best film I have seen for a long time, the film is so charming its impossible not to like. Great performances, cinematography and music. Films like this are the reason why I love cinema.

adambatman82 -> RE: Perfect (7/1/2012 4:15:46 PM)

Went back to see the film again today, having seen it on the festival circuit last year and it maintained the great impression that it made on me upon first viewing. It's just an absolute gem of a film.

John_P -> fantastic (7/1/2012 7:49:49 PM)

First film I've seen this year and it'll be difficult to top. Loved the film from start to finish, the acting was great and the dog was brilliant as well

MartinBlank76 -> RE: fantastic (8/1/2012 6:15:34 PM)

Loved it. Just pure old fashioned movie magic. And the score was immense. As was the dog, he was like a real life snowy!

MartinBlank76 -> RE: fantastic (8/1/2012 6:16:26 PM)

Loved it. Just pure old fashioned movie magic. The score was immense. As was the dog, like a real life snowy!

MartinBlank76 -> RE: fantastic (8/1/2012 6:19:04 PM)

Apologies, technical difficulties was why I posted twice.

Ah well gives me one more chance to say The Artist - film of the far.

DJ Rob C: Mark II! -> RE: fantastic (8/1/2012 8:39:26 PM)

Can't wait for this, I'm imagining as it does well which it will do, a few more cinemas will pick it up like my locals [:)]

Private Hudson -> RE: fantastic (8/1/2012 9:13:05 PM)

I'll watch it when they turn the sound on.

UTB -> RE: fantastic (8/1/2012 10:20:37 PM)


ORIGINAL: Private Hudson

I'll watch it when they turn the sound on.

I'm just looking forward to the Snake Eyes review.

Nicky C -> Simply Fantastic! (9/1/2012 10:22:48 AM)

I don't think I've ever left a cinema with such a big smile on my face. Ever. To not love this film is to admit to not having a heart beating in your body, surely? Incredibly well structured and pacey as well. If you love minute one then you'll be in it for the whole thing. Stunning!

beancounter -> RE: Simply Fantastic! (9/1/2012 4:24:25 PM)

What a beautifully written review, very apt for what looks like a beautifully made film.

I saw an extended trailer for The Artist before Hugo yesterday, and unfortunately the trailer was so long I feel as though I've seen half the film already. There were some lovely scenes in the trailer, but it really wasn't necessary to show them all. I really wish they wouldn't do that with trailers. So now I'm in two minds as to whether to see the film.

This review, plus some of the other comments posted here, are starting to persuade me that perhaps I should.

Taizy -> RE: Simply Fantastic! (9/1/2012 11:10:42 PM)

I wish I had 'discovered' this for myself as, due to all the "best film of the year" plaudits my expectations were through the roof... and it nearly met them.  Bujot is a new favourite actress, she was utterly charming and believeable and as a massive 20's era / classic film fan I could not believe this was a new film, it was so lovingly made.  It almost became an in-joke with myself that every time John Goodman came on screen it was my reminder that it wasn't!    I cannot imagine it'll flick everyones switch, some will be frustrated by the silent element but I loved it... extra bonus was the attack of giigles I got after hearing the film-buff behind me exclaim at the beginning "They've even shot it in the original ratio!" 

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Simply Fantastic! (11/1/2012 10:17:43 AM)

At the rate this is taking to come out wont matter if it is the best film as it'll be too late to vote for it in the Empire Awards.

Qwerty Norris -> RE: The Artist (11/1/2012 10:42:42 AM)

Hyped up the high heavens it might be, but I adored every minute. There are definitely parallels with 'A Star Is Born', but to use that as a criticism completely ignores the utter joy of it. This is not a film that reinforces the need for silent cinema, but reminds you of the simple joy the classic techniques of cinema can create - whether through the close-up, the assembling of images or the physical performances of the actors involved (Jean Dujardian & Berenice Bejo are both magnificent). A funny, sad & euphoric experience that can only be dismissed by the most cold-hearted of us and a film with universal appeal - from the cinephile to the popcorn muncher. To quote Peter Bradshaw; I can't wait to see it again! [:)]


Spaldron -> RE: The Artist (11/1/2012 11:34:30 AM)

Brilliant film, lives up to the hype in every way. Funny, sad, moving and genuinely uplifting with some brilliant performances from the cast (and the Dog). The music was superb and the art direction was really reminiscent of the period. Surely must be a shoe in for the Best Picture Oscar?

Really want to see this again. 5/5

NinjaShortbread212 -> RE: The Artist (11/1/2012 5:06:31 PM)

Being such a huge fan of Silent film and that era in particular, I was perhaps a bit dubious about seeing a "modern" Silent and its take on such a great time for film but this didn't disappoint and the music was superb too (along with the dog!). It was good seeing Malcolm McDowell ([sm=worship.gif]) making a guest appearance in this also.


Fizzsnap_X -> (12/1/2012 12:40:07 PM)

Stunning, If you only see one silent movie this year see this.

Spaldron -> RE: (12/1/2012 2:13:33 PM)

Hope to see this again with Ninj at some point. [:)]

Kaede -> RE: RE: (13/1/2012 10:51:01 AM)

Really, really enjoyed this moive. As someone else said in the thread, it's great to see a film that just relies on classic film and story telling techniques and brilliant acting.

It didn't come across as a parody or homage to silent film either, the whole thing felt really authentic (well, until an actor you recognise pops up!)

Will be buying this on DVD for watching over and over.


deppfanatic -> The Artist (15/1/2012 5:08:45 PM)

The Artist is a beautifully created,black and white film of the 1920's Hollywood:created by Michel Hazanavicius. George Valentin played by Jean Dujardin, is a successful Silent Movie Star:that is worried for the future,of the movie business. Until a dancer known as Peppy Miller,played by Berenice Bejo is ready for a new chapter in life, accidentally knocks into him at a premiere,which both share a spark.

The story unfolds:how these two character's met, the highs and lows of success, marriage breakdowns, love affairs, signs of madness. Not coming to terms with the future i.e. Talking Films.

I loved every bit being an old fashioned silent film, the quirky/dramatic music which can change, your emotions in a heartbeat. Leading you to believe the unfortunate has happened,via the dialogue printed on the screen.

I even cried at certain points one was: George Valentin had to sell all his possessions just to survive:from a successful actor to an everyday person. Must not forget Uggie: an adorable dog, that will melt your heart, with his performing stunts & the friendship with George.

Not everybody's cup of tea:but a romantic comedy none the less, very different for 2012 two things which are most important sound and colour. Most definitely a.......................Masterpiece.

narmour -> RE: The Artist (16/1/2012 9:02:18 AM)

This film is like a cinematic cuddle... it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and that all is right with the world. The two leads are simply stunning, George Valentin is every inch the 1920s movie star and Peppy Miller the beautiful upcoming Hollywood starlet. Her rise to stardom is very familiar, it seems it has always taken a lucky break to get noticed in Hollywood.

The Artist conveys a surprisingly large amount of depth for a largely dialogue free movie. For the actors to show us so much detail about the characters and their emotions is a huge credit to them and they will surely be nominations come awards season. By regenerating a classic film making style it has become one of the most original films in years and will surely be recognised as such.

The film is full of clever little details, for example, notice that when George and Peppy are in conversation, it is always Peppy who is gabbering away ten to the dozen, and George who is patiently listening. Reflective of their screen personas as "talkie" star and silent star respectively. And the dream sequence is just pure genius. I couldn't help myself but gasp in admiration at this wonderful scene.

Of course the real star of the film is the dog, his play dead antics had the whole cinema in rapturous laughter. In an era of cynical film criticism it is refreshing to see such simple, almost farcical comedy looking fresh and genuinely funny.

This is surely the film of the year. I would give this 6 stars if I could.

retranimator -> A ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE! (17/1/2012 11:39:02 PM)

I very rarely do reviews for empire but after having to hunt down a cinema close to me that was showing this I can honestly say "The Artist" is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish!
Im not that big on black and white films let alone silent ones but given its word of mouth and Oscar talks I set back in the cinema hoping to be some what entertained by it.
but with in the first minute of the film I was hooked, this film captivates you and never lets go and after its success at the Golden Globes I think its gonna sweep the Oscars too!
I have yet to see War Horse and would normally hope that Spielberg wins what ever he was nominated for but After watching The Artist I don't think he has a chance of wining best picture and will even have a struggle now wining best Director but might be lucky with best animated film for Tintin?....

Bethany Ann Nicholass

siegfried -> RE: A ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE! (19/1/2012 3:00:44 AM)

It hasn't opened here yet, but it's one I'm eager to see.
I was interested to see a news story on my home page regarding a number of patrons at a Liverpool cinema who demanded their money back because it was a silent film, and in black and white on a small ratio screen.

Qwerty Norris -> RE: A ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE! (19/1/2012 2:02:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: siegfried

It hasn't opened here yet, but it's one I'm eager to see.
I was interested to see a news story on my home page regarding a number of patrons at a Liverpool cinema who demanded their money back because it was a silent film, and in black and white on a small ratio screen.


Some people shouldn't be allowed outside.....

Countlopez -> You're right, I couldn't agree (20/1/2012 4:48:59 PM)

I was bored!!!! Shock horror, I dare to contradict other reviewers. Yes the shooting is ok (nothing special); the hammy and camp acting captures the era. But the story was been told countless times before. It's also described as a comedy, I would argue it's more of a rom-com ie a couple of chuckles few and far between.

On the plus side: the costumes; a fantastic dog which steals every scene its in; and a vibrant tap dancing scene which I thoroughly enjoyed. Please no more like this!

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