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Empire Admin -> First Bourne Legacy Pic Online (6/1/2012 9:43:10 AM)

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Mr Grizzly -> (6/1/2012 9:43:10 AM)

Who's Edward Finney? Does he know Albert Molina?

7eke -> Hello (6/1/2012 9:45:18 AM)

"The scowling Renner’s present and correct, though, even if he does mostly look like he did in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol."

what did you want him to look like, it's the same person in different clothes. pretty much like 80% of actors out there


Well that obviously aint gonna happen, I like Renner, he seems like a decent actor, he's doing alot of stuff at the moment, while the studios are keen to employ him.
But he simply doesn't have the star power of Tom Cruise(who, by the way has kept his head down, worked really hard, and almost completely demolished all that negative press from the 2005-2006)
Renner has a good shot with a new Bourne movie to make a name for himself the way Matt Damon did with the first one, let's face it, before 'Identity' would you have seen him as an action star? that was more Ben Affleck's thing and yet look how things have changed, Affleck is a serious actor/director, and Damon has become the guy who runs around dodging bullets.

Whistler -> (6/1/2012 11:08:11 AM)

Yeah it has a good cast, but I still think they should've left it with Ultimatum.

Nicky C -> Star Power? (6/1/2012 12:46:09 PM)

Bourne Legacy is the film that will/should/might give Renner that kind of star power ... Derr! Renner's an excellent performer and I think he should have had more to do in M:I. Looking forward to seeing him give someone a good ass-kicking in this. Confident about Gilroy too, loved Michael Clayton and obviously the Bourne movies too.

Cool Breeze -> RE: Star Power? (6/1/2012 1:33:47 PM)

The cast and behind the scenes talent seem to indicate that this may be worth watching,but Matt Damon will be missed.Heres hoping that if Legacy is successful,that Bourne himself will return to the franchise in the future.

umer_ejaz -> Pointer to Empire......... (6/1/2012 4:14:48 PM)

Edward Finney should be Albert Finney

JIm R -> RE: Pointer to Empire......... (6/1/2012 4:34:56 PM)

I understand the 'brand name' has to exist to keep the $$ coming in but if if Renner's name in it is not Bourne why keep the link (apart form the financial one), just re-name the whole thing to suit new character.

Mike Sutherland -> unrevealing picture aside.. (6/1/2012 4:52:55 PM)

..Im excited for the release. I loved the bourne trilogy and with a cast like this I think it could do well, it should be a good summer blockbuster.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: unrevealing picture aside.. (6/1/2012 4:58:21 PM)

Not too bothered about the film just wish they would drop the Bourne name from it as it'll just piss off too many fans of the original trilogy & it makes Renner's job of getting the character across that much harder.

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: unrevealing picture aside.. (6/1/2012 6:12:06 PM)

Matt Damon does not approve! I read an interview where he was really annoyed about this movie

dannyfletch -> Why??? (6/1/2012 6:14:55 PM)

Why are they bothering with more Bourne films? I loved the original trilogy and Matt Damon made Bourne what it was. Hollywood are obviously getting desperate for ideas. Also Jeremy Renner just does nothing for me as an actor, I find him very bland and quite wooden. So I think I will give this a miss!

The Waco Kid -> RE: Why??? (6/1/2012 8:13:12 PM)

well i hope this film falls flat on it's arse which i'm sure it will. 

chrisharvey1551 -> good cast but why? (7/1/2012 3:51:23 AM)

why ruin something brilliant by making a pointless spinoff i say make the film as the cast looks excellent just call it something else and start new. you never know but this may start off a brand new franchise

Spaldron -> RE: good cast but why? (7/1/2012 10:08:07 AM)

I'm quietly optimistic.

Spaldron -> RE: good cast but why? (7/1/2012 10:08:24 AM)

I'm quietly optimistic.

EDIT: Double post, stupid Empire server error. [:@]

aftoiasis -> No need (11/1/2012 12:24:04 PM)

Get some rest Jeremy ,you look tired...

aftoiasis -> . (11/1/2012 12:24:16 PM)


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