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Empire Admin -> Thomas Newman Scoring Skyfall? (5/1/2012 10:48:02 AM)

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DaveC -> (5/1/2012 10:48:02 AM)

I do like Arnold but I absolutely love Newman's scores for Wall-e and Lemony Snicket. He has a very recognisable style.

DaveC -> (5/1/2012 10:50:17 AM)

I do like Arnold but I absolutely love Newman's scores for Wall-e and Lemony Snicket. He has a very recognisable style.

Manfrendshensindshen -> (5/1/2012 11:38:07 AM)

Arnold is one of the Bond stalwarts I can do without, so I commend the decision to bring some fresh blood into the franchise in this area as well.

What I don't understand is why Sam Mendes seems to be hugging German national football team manager, Joachim Löw, in the photo.

jojoruck -> (5/1/2012 11:40:44 AM)

The producers and the studio want Arnold. The problem is that he will be very busy this year (he's the musical director of London 2012) and is simply unable to score the film.
Newman isn't a safe choice for a Bond movie but he is Mendes' regular composer so I'm cautiously optimistic...

Whistler -> Interesting (5/1/2012 11:42:48 AM)

As long as he actually does some form of the Bond theme I'll be happy. Don't get me wrong, I love Newman's work, but he's know for his more, shall we say, "relaxed" scores. I hope he spices it up a bit for this, especially with it being a Daniel Craig outing.

oliraceking -> Wrong choice (5/1/2012 11:56:15 AM)

Whether or not Thomas Newman was cast because David Arnold was too busy, nevertheless I think it's a wrong choice. You cast a composer like you cast an actor. Newman is utterly brilliant composer, but for intimate melancholy dramas, not for brash, blazen Bond! Arnold should be the go to guy, and Casino Royale proved with the right film he's magnificent. Newman's Iron Lady score is loud and fuzzy, and I think him trying to do action music is his weakness. If you want action maestro who can do pathos, choose James Newton Howard! Hope I'm proved wrong on this, but please come back soon Mr Arnold.


And Thomas Newman is one of the best composers in the business, and his work for Sam Mendes films is superb.
This change of pace is a good thing, it prevents Bond from being too stale and familiar.
Also, look at the stuff David Arnold is coming up with, the TV theme for BBC's 'Sherlock' is brilliant.

spark1 -> One Off (5/1/2012 2:03:07 PM)

during the classic bond era composers who subbed for john barry only got one chance to compose and did not return.
will newman buck the trend?

FirstContact -> An Alternative Choice (6/1/2012 5:09:56 PM)

Might I throw, on his behalf, the hat of BEAR MCCREARY whose work on the reimagined "Battlestar" touches genius time and again both in terms of battle/action cues and more romantic themes.

Frank Comiskey -> FLASHMAN (6/1/2012 6:02:11 PM)

Still very-not-sure about a thoughful middle-brow like Mendes having the wit, imagination or spirit for Bond, (it's like putting a choreographer in charge of Pirates of the Caribbean IV) but Thomas Newman's complex melodies & haunting orchestrations have a very strong echo of John Barry, and this could be a masterstroke.

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