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Empire Admin -> Mark Pavia Directing New King Anthology (5/1/2012 8:34:21 AM)

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danstokes -> What hammer? (5/1/2012 8:34:21 AM)

"Reports that he ever told King he was his number one fan and then broke his ankles with a hammer, are unsubstantiated."

If you did that, King would know that you hadn't read his books. To be his number one fan, you'd have to tie him to the bed, chop his feet off with an axe and then cauterise the wound with a blow torch.

Osric -> RE: What hammer? (5/1/2012 10:28:13 AM)

Well if you were going to be a massive pedant instead of just letting a casual joke go by you'd have to say that he'd only cut off ONE of his feet.

sweetladybrick -> (6/1/2012 12:04:49 AM)

Love the related reviews next to this article: all for King adaptations, all terrible films. His horrors seldom seem to make the leap, Carrie and Misery being the exceptions (The Shining was just dull) Never read a book of his though. Might all be gash to start with. Still, can't help but be drawn into news of his work on Screen... Certain nostalgic pulpy fear of nonsense from my childhood like It.

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