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Timon -> First Platoon (Post Apocalyptic Zombie Hunters) (30/12/2011 3:25:58 PM)

Following the current trend of all things 'zombie', 2013 will see the release of First Platoon - a "upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie comedy film".

Originally staring Alan Tudyk, it nows stars Scott Gibson (Capt. Ack Ack Haldane in The Pacific) as Rock Brannigan who leads a ragtag squad of ex-military zombie hunters trying to make a living in the desert Southwest two years after the zombie apocalypse.

Along the way they encounter the grizzled Pa Jericho (Sid Haig), and the eccentric Rex Necro (Malcolm McDowell).

Apparently Dale Dye is military advisor for the film, so expect that sort of stuff to be accurate.

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