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max314 -> "CLOUD ATLAS" (Wachowskis, Tykwer; 2012) (28/12/2011 4:52:17 PM)

Cloud Atlas (Wachowskis, Tykwer; 2012)

It's a little annoying not being able to post images in either the "Future Films" or the "Movie News" sections, so I've created a dedicated Cloud Atlas thread here for people to properly enjoy.

Here's a backlog of updates:


Tom Tykwer Adapting Cloud Atlas with Wachowski Brothers

January 29, 2009
by Alex Billington

We just finished chatting with director Tom Tykwer earlier today at the press day in Los Angeles for his latest film, The International. At the end, we asked him what he had coming up next and while he said he wasn't ready to talk much about it, Tykwer did reveal that he's adapting a novel called Cloud Atlas. Here is what he said: "I'm trying to adapt a novel called Cloud Atlas, which is a novel by David Mitchell that I'm really completely excited about. And I'm sitting down with the Wachowski Brothers and trying to adapt that for a screenplay. It's very interesting." How's that for one hell of an exciting team up?

Cloud Atlas, published in 2004, is a novel comprised of six separate but loosely related narratives that weave together history, science, suspense, humor and pathos. Tykwer didn't reveal which of the six he would be focusing on, which is the next big question to be answered, because the book spans a variety of genres: "from Melvillean high-seas drama to California noir and dystopian fantasy." I'm already very curious to hear a lot more about this, especially with the Wachowskis involved as well. Before The International, Tykwer wrote all of his own scripts for his films, although we're not sure if he'll be directing this.

Given this is the very first we've heard of this, we're not sure if Tyker will be directing, or if the Wachowskis will be directing, or if they're only just collaborating on the screenplay, for someone else to direct. Whatever the case, we'll see if we can dig up some additional details and we'll keep our eyes open.



The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer seeking independent funding at Cannes.

Cloud Atlas Author DAVID MITCHELL: Script is "deeply impressive".

"They aren't attempting merely to film the book, which is why many adaptations come to grief – the novel's already there, so why spend all that effort on an audiobook with visuals?" he said via email.

"Rather, the three directors have assembled Cloud Atlas and reassembled it in a form which – fingers crossed – will be a glorious, epic thing. The reincarnation motif in the book is just a hinted-at linking device, but the script gives it centre stage to link the six worlds with characters, causes and effects. A novel can't do multi-role acting: a film can. The directors are playing to the strengths of their medium, just like I try to."


The cast list includes Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant.

The film's budget is said to be between $80-100 million and is a German-American co-production, including Warner Bros. pictures who will also be distributing the film in the United States. Last I heard, foreign distribution rights are still up in the air, but with the production gaining the momentum it has I don't think it will take long for the rights to be snapped up pretty soon.



Boy, [Cloud Atlas is] going to be a beast. It’s going to be wild. Those guys are geniuses! I admire those guys’ films because they throw deep and long. Those are uncompromising movies that are forcing the audience to go on a very deep and different track. Very adult kind of journey. Quite frankly, I want to be tested like that. Then you match it up with the material of Cloud Atlas, which is pretty spectacular. And the screenplay is off the scale! I just want to be part of something that is much, much bigger than showing up and hitting the marks.



The Wachowskis redefine big budget film financing with multiple investors from across the globe.

CLICK HERE for full article.



That's a wrap, folks!

CLICK HERE for the full article.


CLICK HERE for concept art for Seoul 2144.

elab49 -> RE: "CLOUD ATLAS" (Wachowskis, Tykwer; 2012) (28/12/2011 5:02:56 PM)

Irrespective Max, Empire has its reasons for that. And we're not going to have 2 competing threads.

Future films go, I'm afraid, in Future FIlms.If a pic is key, you could link to it as anyone else would.

max314 -> RE: "CLOUD ATLAS" (Wachowskis, Tykwer; 2012) (28/12/2011 5:15:27 PM)

That's unfortunate.

Olaf -> RE: "CLOUD ATLAS" (Wachowskis, Tykwer; 2012) (28/12/2011 9:25:11 PM)

Cloud Atlas is one of my favourite books ever. If they mess it up then I may have to go all aggressive fanboy and stuff. That said, it looks nice from the pictures (not liking how the press release pushes the 'one soul' thing so much though - I thought it was much more effective in the novel by underplaying it rather than having it front and centre).

max314 -> RE: "CLOUD ATLAS" (Wachowskis, Tykwer; 2012) (29/12/2011 12:26:39 AM)

As Mitchell says, the filmmakers have to make their own story, they have to put their own spin on things. If it's just a beat-for-beat remake of the novel, there's little validation for the film existing in its own right. The book will always be the book. But it's interesting to see how other artists bring themselves into the material.

With the Wachowskis' revisiting ideas about people transcending their mental and physical limitations (a theme made manifest by Larry's own sex change), it's clear that transmigration of souls into different bodies highlights a prevalent thematic concern for them.

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