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Empire Admin -> Cloud Atlas Behind The Scenes Picture (24/12/2011 11:45:32 AM)

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Crispin_Glover -> Eh? (24/12/2011 11:45:32 AM)

Lana Wachowski. Hugo Weaver? Is this a Christmas spot-the-mistake quiz?

highwaycrossingfrog -> RE: Eh? (24/12/2011 12:17:41 PM)

Larry/Lana Wachowski is transgender

With you on the Hugo 'Weaver' though.

Crispin_Glover -> Apologies (25/12/2011 12:03:10 PM)

I do apologise, I had no idea. So, are they the "Wachowski Siblings" now instead of the "Wachowski Brothers"? It's less catchy, I don't know if she considered that.

max314 -> RE: Apologies (28/12/2011 4:23:12 PM)

I think it's officially "The Wachowskis" now.

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