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Empire Admin -> The Hobbit Teaser Trailer Breakdown (21/12/2011 3:34:38 PM)

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SailorOrion -> RE: Humbug (21/12/2011 3:46:15 PM)

well...then I guess you won't watch the films.....because as with the book, the films are full of dwarves.

gambit21 -> Very Good (22/12/2011 1:33:53 PM)

Loved the trailer, the singing was actually my favourite bit - full of pain and loss and memory. Although I would quibble that Armitage is no basso, but merely a bass or baritone. Basso profundos are really really deep. Perhaps I'm wrong though

Agent69 -> (22/12/2011 2:45:06 PM)

Can't wait. The magic will be back.

Aragorn22 -> (26/12/2011 2:54:46 AM)

Look at this one shot more carefully in the trailer: that is not Sir Ian Holm...

Aragorn22 -> (26/12/2011 3:01:18 AM)

The appearance of the shards of Narsil suggest that Aragorn might be part of the film. At the time of "The Hobbit", Aragorn is 10 years old, and recently, the production have hired a 10 year-old boy named John Bell!

Aragorn22 -> (26/12/2011 3:23:46 AM)

The shot of the Ring is not under the Misty Mountains, it's in Mirkwood, I'm sure: look at all the spider webs; a very famous scene form the book. The Ring itself here is probably only used as a device to tie in the trailer to the LOTR trilogy. I don't think it will appear in the film as such. Anyway... Anyone notice they still haven't fixed Gandalf's sword, Glamdring, which should glow blue like Sting when near Orcs? I guess they had the same budgetary cuts as on the trilogy... Still, I am so psyched by this trailer, I almost came in my pants when first viewed (and heard, Shore's score being astounding) in theatres. Still no news on a Liv Tyler cameo, though, and that's a shame...

Aragorn22 -> (26/12/2011 4:08:24 AM)

I can already see a few Oscars on the horizon for this film: Make-up, Art Direction and Costumes almost for sure (the last two depend on Spielberg's "Lincoln"). It's also quite probable that Howard Shore could win for the score, but that's a little unlikely, considering he's already won twice, and both times for films related to this series. Cinematography also seems a given (the Dol Guldur sequences convinced me of that, as well as the sweeping landscape shots of New Zealand), and if the 3D is well done, I think I will be proved right. At first I also thought visual effects, but after having seen the trailer to Ridley Scott's "Prometheus", I'm now leaning more towards that one instead (though it depends on what Jackson does with the Mirkwood spiders sequence, which I expect to be in the first film). Part 2 of "The Hobbit", thanks to Smaug the dragon, will most likely take the effects Oscar the following year. I wish for a directing Oscar too, but that's unlikely because the Oscars have NEVER given two directing Oscars to a same director for two different films in a same series (Francis Ford Coppola came close, though, with the first two "Godfather" films). By the way, the wideshots of Rivendell are so amazing, I want to live there!

dannyfletch -> Count me in! (6/1/2012 10:28:38 PM)

I can not wait for this as I love the books and the Peter Jackson films. The cast is once again spot on and I am so glad that Jackson returned to the directors chair to make this. In 3D this should be amazing!

lucyIsabella -> RE: Count me in! (13/12/2012 12:11:11 PM)

I can't wait to see the film tonight, especially the hippy wizard! As a pre warm up I have been watching this new comedy series 'A Simple Walk Into Mordor', It's quite

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