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Empire Admin -> Wrath Of The Titans (20/12/2011 9:43:56 AM)

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MonsterCat -> RE: Wrath Of The Titans (21/12/2011 12:41:45 PM)

It can't be any worse than the first film, right? Rosamund Pike looks good in that outfit, though.

Scott_ -> RE: Wrath Of The Titans (21/12/2011 12:46:04 PM)

Looks fucking awesome.

Emyr Thy King -> RE: Wrath Of The Titans (21/12/2011 1:08:56 PM)

Let's hope Zeus has made Perseus the Ent more life-like this time, don't want a poor old sap.

Interesting that Io is out of the picture. Good to see Toby Kebell in something too, he's always interesting to watch. Lamberto Guerra is playing an interesting forum character.

Nexus Wookie -> RE: Wrath Of The Titans (24/12/2011 11:48:49 PM)

Wow! Very interesting! I'm a fan of the original Clash of The Titans, it was a cool film to watch for every boy growing up in the 80's, and even now hold sentimental sway over me. The remake was a mish mash of bad CGI and bad acting. But, there is something about a dumb movie which i love watching esp to pass the time, and so Clash was a film which although poor, still had its entertainment value. Whether laughing at the shoddy dialogue or the human statue that is Sam Worthington! The Djinns were quite a cool idea though, but Medusa wass just plain shit! Un-scary, un-convincing, un-believable! (i know its only myth, i'm refering to the effects!).

The original Medusa gave me freakin nightmares as a young boy!

So, in a funny way, i'm quite looking forward to Wrath! The Cyclops looks freakin cool! And by the looks of it, they've probably tidied up the effects work. Hopefully. Pity they cant tidy up Wothington's acting [:D]

Enzino -> No Gemma Arterton (13/1/2012 10:32:35 AM)

Why is Gemma Arterton not returning for the aequel?

antosh25 -> Wrath of the shitans ? (24/3/2012 7:48:28 PM)

I Hope this one is better than the last.

steven45 -> RE: Wrath Of The Titans (28/3/2012 8:35:24 PM)

ik hoop dat dit eindelijk de film kan downloaden please help me!!!

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