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Empire Admin -> The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (15/12/2011 5:12:27 PM)

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Countlopez -> Don't buy the hype (7/1/2012 1:52:19 PM)

firstly I should state that I'm/was a huge Zelda Fan. I bought a Wii so I could play twilight Princess and loved Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. However, this game is a massive disappointment. It looks cheap, nasty and oddly dated, The characters in the new worlds are unappealing (to the point of annoyance). I got as far the fire temple before I simply got bored. the Wii has gone back into storage. I got a feeling that this game was rushed released simply to keep gamers happy. Well here is one gamer who was not.. Nintendo take note, you've become complacent and simply waving your hands in the air does not make a good game. One star awarded for the name only.

jackcarlin18 -> so wrong... its right! (21/1/2012 3:03:54 PM)

havnt played it :/

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