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Empire Admin -> New Year's Eve (14/12/2011 8:46:04 PM)

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Niall92 -> (14/12/2011 8:46:04 PM)

why havent you even done a review for this :/

wombathog -> RE: (15/12/2011 12:27:22 PM)

...because bascically all that happens is that you find out what would happen if you badly stitched together 20 bad romcoms.  Although it is fun watching the constantly changing continuity of Jon Bon Jovi's hair.

TheGodfather -> (20/12/2011 9:33:04 PM)

A romantic mosaic comedy along the lines of Love Actually that is set in New York on (of course) new year`s eve. Of course it is extremely predictable and nothing new but it is a fun watch. A good date film for sure.


Mpetrova11 -> what happens next. (21/12/2011 10:10:27 PM)

Although her first night on the job was a complete success, Hilary Swank was so traumatized by the death of her father Robert de Niro, that she was never again able to feel joy on New Years, and felt all-engulfing sadness every year as she watched the ball drop. However, her career went from strength to strength and she was put in charge of many Times Square events. Often, she ended up working with the handsome black officer, who was always so nice and helpful to her. A simple crush grew into mad, passionate love. However, her love was unrequited, as he was happily married with three children (and although he cheated on his wife regularly, he had a rule ‘don’t shit where you eat’, and never gave it up to Hilary). So, she had to content herself to loving him from a distance, and obsessing about him throughout their working lives, which of course, prevented her from ever finding anyone else.
After hooking up with TWO girls on New Years eve, the cute teenage boy from history class understood what a hot little spunk he was, and realized he need not limit himself to just one girl. Throughout the next few months he continued to play the two girls against each other, giving them hope, getting blowjobs and laughing about it with his mates. Then he dumped them as he realized its even easier to be completely single and get with all the other girls throwing themselves at him. As a result, the sweet blond girl became bitter and morbid, started listening to angry music in her room and cutting herself.
Her mother, Sarah Jessica Parker and Josh Duhamel had an amazing NYE. After a whole year of thinking of each other, they were finally together! It was magic. After watching the sunset, they ended up in Josh’s swanky apartment overlooking Central Park. The sex was amazing and they talked and talked about everything and anything. This magic went on for a week, after which in a fit of sexed-up romantism, Josh asked Sarah Jessica to move in. Which she did, w

the film man -> New Year's Eve Review (14/1/2012 3:40:27 PM)

Shallow, sappy, and dull, New Year's Eve assembles a star-studded cast for no discernible purpose.

rcrofty7 -> OK (4/12/2012 5:58:45 PM)

saw this last night was OK, nothing special and nothing on a film like love actually. But not a one star movie i'll give it 3 to be kind.

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