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Empire Admin -> G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer Strides In (13/12/2011 9:22:04 AM)

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mrwinky99 -> (13/12/2011 9:22:04 AM)

looks fun - love the Bruce one liner

azzman1984 -> RE: (13/12/2011 9:29:10 AM)

I really enjoyed it, it looks like its gonna be fun action film which is a good thing [:)]

filmburner30 -> (13/12/2011 9:53:13 AM)

Looks 20 times better than the first film at least

kjd17 -> Did they just mix up Gi Joe with Die Hard?!?!? (13/12/2011 10:50:40 AM)

Is this a Mash up of action Movies

launcelot -> stripped back (13/12/2011 11:17:58 AM)

It seems they have pared this back in response to the first film being criticised for too many charters, mnot enough chracterisation. But hell, what's wrong with dumb, fun action anyway? The first was very entertaining and this looks liekti will be too. I;ll be there (for the DVD at least, if not the cinema!)

neillbert90 -> (13/12/2011 12:38:40 PM)

Nice trailer. 2012 looks like the year of the rock.

docc -> Duke dead? (13/12/2011 1:42:51 PM)

Does anyone else think it looks like Duke vanishes after the "betrayal"? Swapping the rock in instead?

dgribble -> Ninja! (13/12/2011 3:13:28 PM)

If Tatum's dead my sister's gonna be pissed. Still least Snake Eyes is back. Yay!

top_ash -> Team Bring It.. (13/12/2011 3:57:30 PM)

"Boots will meet asses" Admit it, your a secret WWE fan aren't you?

top_ash -> Team Bring It.. (13/12/2011 3:58:48 PM)

"Boots will meet asses" Admit it, your a secret WWE fan aren't you?

top_ash -> Team Bring It.. (13/12/2011 4:01:49 PM)

"Boots will meet asses" Admit it, your a secret WWE fan aren't you?

Cyberleader -> Wow- Actually looks good! (13/12/2011 4:01:56 PM)

This (the above) I wasn't exspecting...e'll see though. Probably it'll over do the cgi. However...Ninjaaaaaaaaaas!

cybercontroller -> Well actually........ (13/12/2011 4:57:45 PM)

To be honest, i thought the first was a great big dumb fun movie and while this looks like being fun too action-wise and bringing the Rock in as Roadblock's a good addition, i really don't like what they've done with the sequel. Almost completely doing away with the original cast is a bad idea, especially as some of them really made the first one. Yes, i know new characters have to be brought in but how can you have a GI Joe movie without Cobra Commander, Destro, The Baroness or Scarlett? Joseph Gordon Levitt was outstanding, Sienna really nailed the Baroness and Rachel Nichols was flaming gorgeous as well as being good at the part (but now they've killed her off so there's no chance of her ever coming back, which pisses me right off). I know Joseph Gordon Levitt couldn't have done this as he's in the Dark Knight Rises but i feel they suddenly just jumped into doing the sequel (after the first film didn't make as much as they hoped for, there was only vague talk now and again of another, then they decide on rushing a sequel out when a lot of the cast had other commitments) when if they had taken their time and tried to get some of the key members of the original cast back with some new additions it could have worked out better. Taking all this into account, i'm seriously thinking of giving this a miss as it just feels like it's been rushed just so Paramount can have a big movie next summer.

AndyKirk -> Only thing to add... (13/12/2011 5:23:14 PM)

The Rock - check
Bruce Willis - check

Only thing could make this movie cooler - please say there's a part for Nathan Fillion!

BabsyBuck -> (13/12/2011 6:06:50 PM)

I so want this to be good, the trailer looks friggin kick-ass.

durelius -> ooh (13/12/2011 9:41:09 PM)

Well that does look infinitely better than the first film did trailer wise, haven't seen the first one becuase it looked so stupid in the trailer but now this is much better hopefully they can carry that through to the end product, I will probably watch the 1st one now to get an idea of the universe GI Joe inhabits.

jcthefirst -> RE: ooh (13/12/2011 11:18:00 PM)

That's a cool version of Seven Nation Army.

Movie looks a'ight too.

Harry John -> RE: ooh (14/12/2011 7:13:40 AM)


G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer Strides In
The Rock and Bruce Willis makes this movie way awesome than the last one.

AndyKirk -> Only thing to add... (14/12/2011 7:36:49 AM)

The Rock - check
Bruce Willis - check

Only thing could make this movie cooler - please say there's a part for Nathan Fillion!

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Only thing to add... (14/12/2011 1:17:36 PM)

Already looks a massive step up from the 1st 1. 1 minor quibble seems to be a distinct lack of Brits in the Joes line up.

lewisb548 -> Looks good. (14/12/2011 9:34:25 PM)

Bruce Willis makes an epic entrance and great one liner, the girls are fit, Channing Tatum looks cool, nijas with swords, explosions and the ROCK with a machine gun, looks good!
numba 1 was ok this one looks like an improvement.

NCC1701A -> RE: Looks good. (15/12/2011 2:10:29 PM)

Enjoyed the 1st film and this looks quite good. Next year looks good for action films.

directorscut -> RE: Looks good. (15/12/2011 6:18:57 PM)

Great. A movie made from 100% recycled stock footage and outtakes from every other Michael Bay and Michael Bay rip-off action movie of the past ten years. My pulse rate is at an all time high.

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