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Empire Admin -> Grown Ups Sequel Being Written (7/12/2011 9:38:26 AM)

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sephiroth7 -> (7/12/2011 9:38:26 AM)

NO! Adam Swindler hasn't been near funny in over 10 years. This is one guy who needs to fuck right off.

sweetladybrick -> (7/12/2011 9:51:40 AM)

Reign over me was alright too. Punch Drunk Love was up it's own arse. He hasn't made anything great for a long while... Maybe not even this century.

burtbondy -> Quick Answer (7/12/2011 10:17:24 AM)

Hell No. Punch Drunk Love was superb. 5 star.

messiahtime -> RE: Quick Answer (7/12/2011 12:04:09 PM)

Please do not make another Grown Ups what an awful movie, switched it off it was that bad, he has that Jack and Jill out at the min, I think someone should knee cap Adam Sandler for how low he has sunk.

In saying that people have paid to go see his new one think I seen it in the top 10 box office in the US what an utter douche bag, last funny film he did was Happy Gilmore, after that he has been dead to me...

blue_lion -> For The Love Of God, No ! (7/12/2011 6:06:59 PM)

After watching "Grown Ups", I realised that I would never get that time back again :( Why would you bother with a sequel?
Surely there are only so many "fat" jokes Kevin James can make and so many "oh you’re with an old lady" jokes Rob Snyder can make! Steve Bucemi had the only truly funny scene in the whole film. Adam Sandler should get back to what he does best and stick to the light hearted rom-coms like "The Wedding Singer", "The Water Boy", "Happy Gilmore" and “50 First Dates”.

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