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andyski100 -> Robin Of Sherwood - The Return (4/12/2011 8:02:57 PM)

There are efforts underway, to bring back Robin Of Sherwood as an independent film, set 20 years on from where the TV series ended.

Original cast are all on-board..

More info here.

Sutty -> RE: Robin Of Sherwood - The Return (4/12/2011 8:50:17 PM)

Well, let's hope they don't try too hard 'coz no bugger would go and see it...

And I don;t see Ray Winstone getting involved with an independant movie version of a tv series that wasn't that good in the first place with a cast of not very famous people. Not when he now he's all hollywooded up and doing well.

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

The Hooded Man -> RE: Robin Of Sherwood - The Return (7/12/2011 11:34:53 AM)

This would be brilliant if it got off the ground as Robin Of Sherwood was quite the seminal show back in the day.

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