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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Haywire Poster Hits The Web (1/12/2011 4:10:55 PM)

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fantastic mr ethan -> Inception much? (1/12/2011 4:10:55 PM)

Inception has been responsible for many a "Bwaam Bwaam Bwaam" in film trailers since but I never expected them to nick a poster idea from emily page, tut tut tut and obviously the red isnt in keeping with any of the other poster they might as well not even sell this as a Gina Carano movie and I dont mean to sound rude but does anyone who dies in the film trailer deserve to be on the poster? (contreversial thoughts)

indysgill -> (1/12/2011 10:09:12 PM)

Tatum and Fassbender get their asses handed to them!
Cant wait to see this now.

jazzyjules63 -> (4/12/2011 10:16:18 PM)

Don't know much about guns but shouldn't her finger be on the trigger for the gun to be firing?

tejrai -> (6/12/2011 2:25:19 PM)

there had better be a lot of Fassbender in this picture. he is awesome in all films!

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