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Empire Admin -> Alice Eve Signs Up For Star Trek 2 (30/11/2011 11:31:32 PM)

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Scruffybobby -> Alice Eve in Star Trek sequel (30/11/2011 11:31:32 PM)

Hmm Rand could be a good call. Not too fussed who she is so long as she's in the miniskirt though. Del Toro is a good choice for the villain. He has the right look for an old school, TOS style Klingon. Gonna be a long 18 months

titanrichelieu -> Phasers set to stunner! (1/12/2011 12:57:21 AM)

Phasers set to stunner...


iain99 -> Good Choice (1/12/2011 9:04:42 AM)

Nurse Chapel maybe?

spark1 -> Good For Alice (1/12/2011 11:09:53 AM)

makes up for her losing out on role in 'x men-1st class'.
she would have been better emma frost than her off 'mad men'.

BelfastBoy -> (1/12/2011 12:55:29 PM)

I think I could live without either Yeoman Rand or Nurse Chapel, to be honest. Why should she be playing an existing character? Homaging the old series is one thing but there has to come a point where some original characters are created surely?

darkspringxl -> Carol Marcus ? (1/12/2011 9:02:46 PM)

Any thoughts that she could be playing a young Carol Marcus, mother to Kirk's son, David, as played by Bibi Besch in Wrath Of Khan ? Just a little less obvious a character.....and a good distraction for Kirk.

spark1 -> Reboot (2/12/2011 12:21:06 PM)

chapel and rand could be refreshed as characters as uhura and scotty were in the last movie and given more depth than they had in the OS.

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