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Empire Admin -> Shame (2012) (30/11/2011 11:35:33 AM)

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guysalisbury -> Release date! (30/11/2011 11:35:34 AM)

This is an Independent British film! Why is it getting released in the US over a month before the UK? Not Happy!

spike2006 -> Shame review. 4 stars for me. (19/12/2011 11:59:27 AM)

Brandon Sullivan (Fassbender) is a seemingly successful bachelor living in New York City. He has difficulty with balancing his life with work and addiction. Things are made more difficult when his sister Sissy (Mulligan) unexpectedly arrives at his apartment. Needing a place to stay Brandon reluctantly agrees that she can stay for a few days. Sissy’s presents causes Brandon to struggle further to establish equilibrium in his life.

Brandon enjoys nothing more than being out looking for his next meaningless one night stand. Whether that is with a girl he picks up in a bar or a prostitute he doesn’t care. He is addicted to internet porn and appears to have little interest in dealing with his problems. Perhaps he doesn’t see his situation as a problem?

However, Brandon is unable to bring his conquests to his apartment as he has an unexpected guest in the form of his sister Sissy. They clearly have a difficult relationship, not seeing one another for months or perhaps longer at a time. When Sissy appears unannounced it appears she is going through a brake up and is finding rejection difficult. The dynamics between Brandon and Sissy are intense and they have clearly been through difficult times in the past however McQueen leaves us guessing at what may have occurred. We are not privy to the back story and this leaves many questions unanswered.

Brandon’s addiction spills over into his working life after his works PC picks up a virus and the companies IT department decide to take a closer look. He is later informed by his arrogant married boss David (James Badge Dale) that his hard driver is ‘dirty’. However, this does not lead to a dismissal. David is more interested in when they will be going on their next night out to pick up women.
Indeed it is on that next night out when David meets the overly flirty Sissy. In a beautiful scene in an upmarket bar Sissy sings a wonderfully slow version of New York, New Yor

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