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Empire Admin -> Star Trek 2 Warps In On May 17, 2013 (24/11/2011 7:18:17 AM)

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JIm R -> RE: (24/11/2011 9:59:36 AM)

Star Trek and Superman in same year, christ knows how I'll cope [:D] bring. it. on.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Can't really be bothered with 3D (24/11/2011 1:12:25 PM)

The way it's going 3D may not be around much longer judging from what I saw on BBC's Click when they went to a tech market in Japan.
Also be interested in Peggys opinion as he has a noted dislike for the format even though he was in Tin Tin[sm=33.gif].

NCC1701A -> RE: (24/11/2011 1:32:04 PM)

This really does not need 3D and you know Paramount will screw the fans just like there are screwing the transformers fan with a bare bones Blu ray then put all the extras on the 3D Blu Ray.

dreamdragon -> 2D or not 2D? (24/11/2011 1:41:13 PM)

I just still think its a little naive to think 3D is going away. 6 ( soon to be 7 with the Titanic ) of the top 10 worldwide box office hits have been shown in 3D..ShowBuisness...3d is the show and the money is the buisness.
Its a very good point about the piracy although it can be done.
I think Peter Jackson, James C and Spielburger will change the views of the nay sayers. Also IMAX changes the view of most people..
As for the prices ...well..Thats our fault. We keep handing it over so now its the norm. People moan about high prices for a 200 million budget film but dont say a word about paying 8 pounds for a hand full of corn and some carbonated sugar. There the real crooks.

NCC1701A -> RE: (24/11/2011 2:01:46 PM)


ORIGINAL: stuartgbaker

3D is shit! I have yet to see anything in 3D that truly benefited from the format. I think that Hollywood are using 3D to help boost the box office returns.

Agree 100 %.[sm=happy34.gif]

garvielloken -> RE: (24/11/2011 3:06:09 PM)


ORIGINAL: albumental

I've been a 3d apologist for too long, probably because I wanted it to make a difference to the cinema going experience.

However I just can't escape from the fact that 10 minutes into a decent movie, your brain adjusts and begins to take it for granted. I've found myself having to consciously remember "oh yeah, this is in 3d isn't it" during a film in order to even notice the effect. Does that make sense? Anyone else experienced that? Either way I'm now convinced 3d is not worth the extra ticket price. Just concentrate on making a good movie.

Yeah I've had a similar experience while watching Avatar. You really notice the 3d for the first 15 min, then your eyes get used to it and it almost begins to look like 2d unless there is an extreme example of depth perception. I had to keep taking off the glasses every so often just to keep checking the difference.

dholleyuk -> RE: Wrong. (24/11/2011 3:21:32 PM)

Sorry Spamandham, but this is not a awful remake, it is a prequal to a series of events set in the star trek universe. The filmakers can make or follow any path within this universe of characters, whether film sites or the film makers choose to call it Star Trek 2, has no link to the 1982 Star Trek 2: The Wath of Khan 

BelfastBoy -> RE: Michael Giacchino. (24/11/2011 3:27:04 PM)


ORIGINAL: blindfold

Michael Giacchino... Yeah ok Abrams can't do without him. Look pleased you say Empire? Sorry but this guys Star trek score was NOT something I was pleased about.

Have to agree with you there. Giacchino has done excellent work on other films (especially Incredibles), but his ST score paled in comparison with the earlier efforts from Goldsmith and Horner.

rich -> RE: (24/11/2011 6:14:49 PM)

Oh dear, I was hoping the current 3D fad would have gone by 2013

bbobeckyj -> RE: RE: (24/11/2011 8:27:20 PM)



Oh dear, I was hoping the current 3D fad would have gone by 2013

Yeah! And lets get rid of colour too, it totally ruins the experience when it isn't black and white...

Najemikon -> RE: (24/11/2011 8:41:41 PM)


ORIGINAL: clarkkent

3D won't work on this, not at all. The 3D always darkens a film's look, which means the first film's look won't translate well at all, on top of it all, who wants to see all that lens flare, all those whip pans and shaky cam in 3D?

Do you know how true that comment is? :(  Abrams is inspired by Spielberg and I thought before Tintin that his style wouldn't suit the format either and I think I was right. Tintin felt strangely flattened and I really look forward to seeing it on Blu-Ray. The announcement that Star Trek 2 will be filmed in 3D is particularly depressing, because for me Abrams was the director who could make the gimmick die just a little bit faster. Star Trek was massive, he was in control of the franchise and if he refused to do it in 3D, it would really put the producers on the back foot. And back in January, that seemed to be exactly what he was going to do. You hit the nail right on the head clarkkent...


Has Paramount asked you to consider doing the next Trek in 3-D?
Yup. And?
I have nothing against 3-D in theory. But I've also never run to the movies because something's in 3-D. [As for Trek], as soon as I read the script, if it says, "Somebody pushes a weapon toward the camera in a menacing way," and we think, "That'd be better in 3-D!"... I dunno. What do you wanna see? 2-D or 3D? I don't care.
I'm a big fan of whip pans, which is very hard to do in 3-D. You know, when I was in New York fifteen years ago, and I sort of had the flu, I remember turning the TV on. There were these kids in a very dark, kind of muddy movie that was on a local channel, talking about making out. Then you cut to them walking in the forest, and somebody had a paddleball, and they were doing it right to the camera. It was like this weird, experimental Fellini movie. I was like, "What the fuck is this movie?" And it was Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D without sex, violence, or 3-D! It was genius.

The point was particularly ironic because at the time, he hadn't even agreed to do the sequel at all. The fact Paramount had gone straight for "do it in 3D" before he'd even considered a plot, was an indictment of the whole sorry obsession. I hoped he'd stick to his guns. Dammit.

dreamdragon -> RE: RE: (25/11/2011 8:19:18 AM)

Stop blaming the film companys. I imagine that they want to both -make money and make a great film. When film first started there was a horror movie of just microscopic bugs on cheese for christ sakes..

Yes,3D is dark in some places. Dont you read empire? Peter Jackson Will sort that out and you Will be flying over bright green fields of the shire wondering why all films cant be like that.
I Think the bitches moaning about star trek also moaned about tlotr or new batmans. People just love to moan.English people love to moan. Just deal with change or become a producer and make change...( Nolan ) i bet most people moaning about 3D Are over 25 maybe well over. If your eyes hurt maybe you just need glasses. Your to busy moaning on web sites to Get a pair. I hope the NeXT starwars film is only Made in 3D and unavaible in any other format. Rant over

NCC1701A -> RE: RE: (25/11/2011 9:48:36 AM)


ORIGINAL: bbobeckyj



Oh dear, I was hoping the current 3D fad would have gone by 2013

Yeah! And lets get rid of colour too, it totally ruins the experience when it isn't black and white...

Don't be silly.

elab49 -> RE: RE: (25/11/2011 5:01:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: bbobeckyj



Oh dear, I was hoping the current 3D fad would have gone by 2013

Yeah! And lets get rid of colour too, it totally ruins the experience when it isn't black and white...

Apart from being an odd analogy, doesn't 3D already partially do that? or at least your ability to see it?

Vtepes2 -> MORE 3D...Really....REALLY!! (28/11/2011 5:04:26 PM)

COME ON....I hate to break to all the jump on the band wagon, trenders out there in the Movie industry....but 3D sucks...most of the time you get a little extra depth and occassionally they...through something in there to come out at you...mostly just for the sake of the 3D and nothing relavent to the movie and just brings the whole thing down. But it's so great that it's worth the extra ticket price, trying to find a decent seat to max the 3D effect and headache and discomfort of the great fitting glasses they give you...but hey 3D is the next best thing to sliced bread...can't wait for this crap to be over with.

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