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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Jeremy Renner Talks Bourne (22/11/2011 12:56:58 PM)

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chris wootton -> But... But.... (22/11/2011 12:56:58 PM)

It's not a Bourne movie. Matt Damon is Jason Bourne and as the character doesn't feature then surely a Treadstone movie or an Aaron Cross movie. That's like calling a film about a theme park from the future "Jurassic Park"

garvielloken -> RE: But... But.... (22/11/2011 1:57:10 PM)

I don't care what they call it as long as it's of the same high quality as the first three. Really like Renner too, seems like a good choice to follow Damon. Maybe the Bourne franchise will become the new Bond with a new leading actor every four or five films.

nybras -> We'll see (22/11/2011 2:06:20 PM)

we'll see...

boredbluekoala -> I THINK WE ARE ALL LUCKY TO GET ANOTHER ONE... (22/11/2011 2:50:53 PM)

With Matt Damon uninterested in making a Bourne without Paul Greengrass (why does he get all the Kudos? Doug Liman made the first, and in my opinion best Bourne film) we are treated to a look at the Bourne world from the perspective of a different operative, this could be awesome, and if it turns out that Matt wants to return it'll be huge.

BabsyBuck -> (22/11/2011 3:37:33 PM)

I can only hope that this one will be as good as the triology. I absolutely love Jeremy Renner

iwantbitty -> Bourne Free (23/11/2011 4:43:57 PM)

Bourne free, as free as the wind blows, As free as the grass grows, Bourne free to follow your heart.....

CousinAcrossthePond -> Renner Being Stretched Too Thin (28/11/2011 12:46:03 AM)

Is he suddenly the only good actor able to do the action genre. Being poised to take over the Mission: Impossible franchise, Bourne franchise and now Hawkeye? Whew. Maybe Im not used to seeing one actor play so many (possibly) iconic characters, even though Harrison Ford made himself a legend doing it. But Renner is no Harrison Ford. And these franchise films are iconic even when their heroes arent, hence innerchangable characters under the same titles. Hmmmm

Englebertnightingale -> RE: Exclusive: Jeremy Renner Talks Bourne (3/12/2011 10:27:24 AM)

I'm still not sold on Jeremy Renner. I feel like i'm being force fed the idea that he's an A-list star, when I don't see him that way at all.

The same thing happened with Matthew Mconaughy when EdTV came out.

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