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Empire Admin -> Empire's Dark Knight Rises Cover Is Here (20/11/2011 10:32:52 AM)

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adammac467 -> (20/11/2011 10:32:52 AM)

i dont have an empire mag with batman on it, so i have no idea which one i should get because i want one with batman on it, and im not sure if empire will make another mag with batman or bane on the front cover, any ideas?

ThismonkeyhasRAGE -> Get both! (20/11/2011 12:22:56 PM)

I am. Sad? Maybe.

Cyberleader -> (20/11/2011 12:26:37 PM)

I want the one with Bane (though I love ol' bats). Out of my choice though as the shop I get my mags from puts Empire mags aside for me. They'll choose if it's B or B.

mbeat32 -> (20/11/2011 12:53:38 PM)

Am I alone in not liking the look of Bane? I know his look has to be grounded in reality but I think he should be bigger.

bogman2099 -> 3way (20/11/2011 2:34:02 PM)

okay two points lets get this out of the way,1.we all know what batman looks like,2.we all know what bane looks like but you cant really tell thats tom hardy.so where is cat woman?, she would shift way more copys of your fine publication if you had ann hathaway in skin tight leather looking feirce and provocative straddling the bat pod ,so bite the bullett stop the press ,get us catwoman cover or maybe total film will beat you to it.

Englebertnightingale -> Banes still a disappointing choice (20/11/2011 2:38:35 PM)

3way I completely agree. Catwoman should be there. It makes me feel as if her role in TDKR is supplementary. I still feel disappointed about Bane being chosen as the villain. I was really hoping for a gritty take on the Penguin or Hugo Strange.

leroythemasochist -> subscribers? (20/11/2011 2:49:46 PM)

do we get a choice? bet not

CU@theOscars -> RE: subscribers? (20/11/2011 3:42:57 PM)


ORIGINAL: leroythemasochist

do we get a choice? bet not

Indeed, is it going to be pot luck when it comes to which cover subscribers get?

nKutzler -> Catwoman (20/11/2011 4:09:56 PM)

I will admit, Nolan may have to sell the new Catwoman. People have been unsure about both of her costumes, and she really needs to prove that she will look fitting for the movie and will have a workable role.

crazymoviesdude -> (20/11/2011 8:02:50 PM)

For me, Begins was quite a bit better than TDK. From everything I've seen; Bane, Catwoman, the flaming bloody batplane thing which I really don't see fitting into this world, I'm not filled with confidence. I'm pretty excited despite all that, but I'm bracing myself for pain.

Andybee76 -> Is it me (20/11/2011 9:00:25 PM)

or has Bane got a pair of Cyberdog pants over his face??

Cyberleader -> (20/11/2011 9:58:43 PM)

Film looks great. I would have had Joe Pesci as The penguin if i was doing a Batman film, it would have featured Gotham mafia heavily and would have included a realistic Poison Ivy instead of Catwoman (who I'm sure will be great anyway). Bane is an inspired choice. Always a dark, serious villian though some people refuse to look beyond his wrestler mask and appearance in batman And Robin.

temetnosce -> Quotes (20/11/2011 10:26:41 PM)

Like those quotes at the bottom of the covers: Christian Bale - "He has to answer the question: how long do you allow pain to dominate your life?" and Tom Hardy - "He's brutal. He's a terrorist. A really horrible piece of work." Nice.

megank13 -> Get Both...HELL YEAH (20/11/2011 11:47:17 PM)

these are two great covers...it really is a tough choice so I'm gonna buy both...it's not sad, it's just epic..I like to think of it as epic ahahahahaha

fwkelly -> HD (21/11/2011 9:14:42 AM)

Batman loves his new external hard-drive.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: HD (21/11/2011 9:42:10 AM)

Thought Bane was playing in goal for Chelsea yesterday till I realised it was Scorpio from Farscape [:D]

Porter -> Loving Bane but... (21/11/2011 12:01:15 PM)

Why did you choose a picture of Bats holding a tanning lamp? There must've been more dramatic pics available.

Steve Zissou -> Steve Zissou (21/11/2011 12:55:12 PM)

Is anybody worried about character overload?too much to fit in what I loved about Begins was the focus on Bruce Wayne

TheColumnist -> Thanks (22/11/2011 8:35:45 AM)

Thanks Empire! The subscriber edition is AWESOME!!! Bane looks so f***ing mean!

higgins78 -> Na na na na na na na na...Batman! (22/11/2011 10:18:12 AM)

Bruce Wayne loves anacott steel.

conywolf -> (29/11/2011 10:45:13 AM)

I wouldn't worry about Bane being the villain, he looks crazy and Nolan knows what he's doing, this will be genius

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