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Ali Plumb -> Run Lola Run (23/11/2011 10:33:06 AM)

Is it actually a chase in Run Lola Run? With Apocalypto, that's a bit too on the nose -- Which section of the film would you pick? All of it? Some of it? -- but with Run Lola Run we're not sure it counts as it's not really a chase as such...

pampoulos -> (23/11/2011 6:26:39 PM)

my all-time favourite chase is from the opening scene of The Wanderers (ran to the sound of The Safaris' Wipeout - simply brilliant)

nclowe -> (24/11/2011 11:32:24 AM)

That Tom Cruise running montage is awesome. :D

darkraven28 -> Was getting worried...... (28/11/2011 9:12:23 AM)

Because I thought that the one from Bad Boys wasn't going to be on here. Which would have been retarded as shit. Because we all know Empire loves to bash Michael Bay. And Bay, even though I'm a fan of certain works of his, does make it hard for people to defend him sometimes. About 40 percent of Pearl Harbor (basically, disc 2) and most of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (if you do a drinking game based on the widescreen aspect ratio changes in the forest battle or the pyramid scenes, you'll be dead before the scene is over; that isn't even to mention the fucking Twins) can't be defended in the slightest.

But anyway, thanks for including Bad Boys. And Enemy Of The State also. Glad people haven't forgotten that film.

axeman -> RE: Death Sentence? (28/11/2011 3:34:38 PM)



Where's the chase through the car park from this? Whatever you think about the film (for the record, I think it's pretty good), it's a fantastic sequence.

Was thinking the same thing - major oversight. As well as being very well constructed, very clever technically as the camera moves seemlessly from cranes to car park levels, in a single shot for the major part. Film was ok in the main - certainly worth a watch - but this sequence is better than quite a few on this list.

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