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Squidward Hark Bugle -> It's Kind Of A Funny Story (6/11/2011 8:27:03 AM)

I did a quick search and was surprised to see that there isn't a review thread for this film.

I watched it because I saw it in Blockbuster, and I liked the type of story it had, feeling that I needed something uplifting to raise my spirits. I like stories involving teenagers and their own personal troubles, particularly when they are downtrodden or depressed. The notion of a teenager checking himself into a mental hospital got me interested immediately.

Well, I absolutely freaking loved this movie. I didn't expect to like it this much, but I did. The insecure teen seeking a way to end his troubles, placing himself in a situation where he is completely out of his depth, but in which he meets people who give him a greater insight that he had before, and who give him the wisdom to pull himself out of his depressive state.

The plot unfolds in a bit of a haphazard way, with not much of importance really taking place, as the plot is really more of a mad, first-person chronicle than an objective look at society's issues. It works in its favour, as we are able to see what is troubling the protagonist, and relate to him.

Zach Galifianakis gives his best performance here, both comic and dramatic, as the time-worn mental patient with a lot of knowledge to impart. I'm going to seek out more films of his now because he has totally won me over. The star, Keir Gilchrist, is solid as Craig, the protagonist. He gives the film its emotional grounding, preventing all the wacky mental characters around him from distracting us from the main storyline.

This review is not very good, as I enjoy the nature of the story much more than its execution, but it's a rewarding film-watching experience if you are in the right frame of mind, for something that is quaint and heart-warming. It's clear while watching that this film will age badly, but before it does, it's fun to just immerse yourself in it and fall for it.

Has anyone else seen this film?

Wild about Wilder -> RE: It's Kind Of A Funny Story (17/11/2011 9:45:24 AM)

I saw it at the cinema at the start of the year & thought it was great well played by all the actors just a shame it got overlooked by everyone including the reviewers so it seems?
I reviewed it wayyy back then & again a thoroughly enjoyable 4* film.

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