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Empire Admin -> The Future (4/11/2011 5:31:26 PM)

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krisstewart -> RE: The Future (7/11/2011 10:02:59 AM)

Great movie and nice article.

purpleryan -> Pretentious and boring! (10/11/2011 2:14:14 PM)

I have total faith in Empire reviews, and make most of my viewing decisions using them as a guide. I went to see this film last night as it had a four star review but I would not recommend it to my worst enemy! It felt twice the length of the running time, the acting was atrocious and it was in danger of disappearing up its own arse at any of the numerous painful moments. The whole film had the feel of a student movie with a studio funded sheen. However, as the saying goes, you can't polish a turd! I'm not even going to mention the infuriating talking cat.
Approach with caution!

Herr Schnitzel -> RE: Pretentious and boring! (12/11/2011 4:36:25 PM)

I loved Miranda July's last film Me and You and Everyone We Know, so I'm looking forward to this. I get a bit tired of people throwing the word "pretentious' around on forums in a way that is meaningless and just indicates "I didn't like this". I found her last film nothing but sincere and heartfelt, presenting a very particular world view, you are either attuned to or not.

Also, I just adopted a cat, so I think I can relate. [:D]

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