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Empire Admin -> 50/50 (27/10/2011 11:24:25 AM)

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Spaldron -> RE: Extremely moving (16/12/2011 7:13:59 AM)

Well its easily the funniest film about cancer I've seen. A good effort and solid performances from both leads. Possibly the first Seth Rogen film I've actually enjoyed. Could've done with a few more gags and a stronger/less schmaltzy ending. 3.5/5

soulfood -> FUNNY (17/2/2012 10:46:50 PM)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen are very funny !
And i just love is movie

blaud -> Funny People Can Go Fuck Itself (13/3/2012 2:05:35 AM)

Seriously, it can. When I saw Funny People for the first time, I spent the whole film confused as to whether it was a schmaltzy, tearjerking drama, or a worryingly confused teen comedy. As a result, it worked on neither level. However, with 50/50, the formula has been perfected. An effortless balance between drama and comedy is established in the early scenes, and, thankfully, the story is one of a heart-warming nature. In terms of the hit-and-miss ratio, as a comedy, it's probably the best I've seen for a good many months. The jokes are all childish, and yet, as always in most of Rogen's films, they have a witty, bawdy charm about them. It's never really bust-a-gut, piss yourself funny, but there's a genuine feel behind all the ribaldry that makes it instantly watchable. In terms of the shmaltz, it's mostly well-placed, but unfortunately, there a few scenes which feel a little ill-fitting, particularly in the final act. Speaking of the final act, though, the ending is very well judged, and for once, you actually like all of the characters (except for one), so that makes a pleasant change. It's unlikely to win any kudos from the Superbad and other dick-and-girl-jokes-comedies on the market fans, but it's definitely got it's heart in the right place, and for that reason alone deserves some attention.

samzucca -> (15/4/2013 4:43:35 PM)

It may contain some comedy gold and some touchy moments but overall 50/50 fails to capture the realism of the actions in this film which is still entertaining, but mistaken.

Ralph25 -> Seth Rogen on a Drama??? More and less... (27/4/2013 10:38:21 PM)

How many drama movies about cancer treatment, with suffering performances and a true story of overcoming have been made and even became tiresome way? Well, the young director Jonathan Levine and Will Reiser (screenplay) found a formidable new vision of it all.

The film tells the story of Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a young man of twenty-seven years working for a radio company in Seattle. He is informed that he has a rare form of cancer called “Neurofibrosarcoma”, and is told he only has a 50% chance to live with him. Frustrated, but moving day to day with a seemingly calm, with the help of his friend Kyle (Seth Rogen), Adam continues his long journey of recovery. Only to be bothered by his irritating, selfish girlfriend Rachel (Bryce Dallas Howard). But with the help of the, half embarrassed but very helpful, psychologist Katherine (Anna Kendrick). Adam then proceeds to deal with their illness and can remain calm during most part of the film.

There are so many forms of cancer, rare and common, harmless and that their chances of getting it are very high. Start is random, but dealing with it is even more difficult. While "50/50" is a moving, and sometimes it is emotion-test and tearful, he still has a strong comic relief thanks to Seth Rogen, and several occasions that Adam and Kyle meddle.

The film is a drama, that works as a very well written comedy. Some may find this a defect, but rather a quality. Adam throughout the film faces its situation near death in a lively manner. It's as if the film were telling us, "if it is your last minutes, let then be smiling!".

The cast is terrific, even comic, Seth manages to have an interesting dramatic performance; Anna Kendrick formidable as ever; Angelica Houston and Serge Houde as Adam's parents with great performances; but who shines above everyone is Joseph Levitt with a fantastic performance, proving to be an very promising actor.

Thanks to a wonderful third act, in terms of

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