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Empire Admin -> Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (25/10/2011 9:58:40 AM)

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jncorbett -> Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (13/11/2011 12:18:01 AM)

Simply gorgeous game. I was worried it couldn't possibly be better than Uncharted 2, but it is. The best of the PS3, and possibly the best game of the current generation in my opinion. The new and highly varied multiplayer even manages to successfully carry over the cinematic elements that make the single player so good.

Sparkykelly69 -> It's hit the fan again....... (25/11/2011 2:28:16 PM)

This is one of the best PS3 games to date. I boasted to everyone about how great Part 2 was, as i was worried this wouldn't live up to my own expectations, and it has. I have yet to finish the game but still enjoyed every min of the game. I love running around every nook and cranny trying to find the hidden treasures scattered across each level, which is the reason im still not finished : ). I feel sad that once the game is over it'll be a long wait till we see Uncharted 4, but till then I am more than happy to savour this amazing game, and highly recommend it to anyone...well anyone with a ps3 that is haha

deppfanatic -> Uncharted 3 (31/12/2011 6:43:59 PM)

The Heavily awaited game has finally arrived and if your a fan of the previous 2 like me ( amongst thieves and drakes fortune) this will surely not disappoint.

Enjoy the beautifully created locations submerged with a realistic feel - e.g tripping on drugs - blurry vision, hallucinations. The fight scenes are similar to the previous two but you can disarm, throw back grenades even pull the pin whilst the enemy still occupies the device. Intriguing/challenging puzzles to be solved.

In my opinion each game gets better and more challenging with every story from the makers of Naughty Dog. I hope there will be another game in the process of being talked about.... Well you can only hope.
This only took 2 days to complete but was very enjoyable and I was certainly lost in the moment. Help Nate uncover the truth with help from Sully,Chloe, Charlie and Elainer. Discover what Francis drake was keeping a secret...... even from queen Victoria.

Extra bonus you can spend up to many hours with friends or take the victory all for yourself in co-op mode plenty of weapon updates to enjoy

singnfool1103 -> Does not live up to 2nd (13/2/2012 8:27:33 AM)

This has to be one of the most ambitious titles I have ever played. The voice acting, visuals, and set pieces are truly remarkable. Once again it is like playing Indiana Jones if it were a console game.
Where I feel it falls short is has to do with the gun play and plot line.
My biggest problem is the gun play. It has never been the best part of the series but Drake's Deception, unlike Among Thieves,
it really takes a step backward to the point that it almost ruins key moments in the game (I. E. ship graveyard).
Another issue, minor compared to the gunplay, is the way that it seems to jump from point to point not really getting an established "groove". Again this is not a problem in Among Thieves.
I was really hoping that this game would supercede it's predecesor but I can honestly say that this is a must play, blockbuster type game. If you are a fan of the series, but reluctant to play it because you do not think it will live up to the hype, please play it. It is a superb game.

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