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Sutty -> Rambo V: Last Stand (16/10/2011 8:22:54 PM)

Just read that Sean Hood, the screenwriter behind the last Conan movie, has handed in his draft to Millenium. Their has been no official word yet as to whether or not a fifth movie is even in the offing, but things are moving forward. Slowly.
Whether or not this script is the Mexican kidnap idea that was being touted around a few months ago (last stand/stand off?) no-one seems to know. It was an idea that Stallone appeared the most keen on, and I'm guessing what he says, go's.

My worry is that a fifth film is likely to "domesticate" Rambo somewhat. Not just locationally but as a person/character too. What made the last Rambo movie so good was how feral and animalistic Rambo had become. We have never seen Rambo in a domestic situation per se. I know in Rambo III they gave him more of a sense of humour, but does anyone want to see sipping coffee at breakfast? I say this because it is a likely avenue that a new movie would go down, particularly given the ending of the last movie. Unless they wanna "find" Rambo in another arse end of the planet keeping a low profile, which would really retread earlier movies in the franchise. For me, the ending of Rambo was great, really great. Him taking the walk home, us wondering, like him, what waits for him at the end of the road. A father? A brother? An uncle? Or maybe a female family member. I think seeing Rambo walking towards what was once his home (his home for the last 25 years has been Hell after all) was as close to the "domestic Rambo" as I wanted to see. I struggle to see what they would do with Rambo now, and where they would take him.

I'd rather see Stallone make his Death Wish movie he has wanted to do for so long, and work out any idea's of an urban Rambo through a new character.

What do you think?

darth silas -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (16/10/2011 8:31:47 PM)


Sutty -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (16/10/2011 9:24:18 PM)

Nothing like healthy debate. Eh, Darth...?

LEEJGM -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (16/10/2011 10:50:02 PM)

I'd welcome a 5th film. I'd set it a couple of years after 4, with Rambo living alone on the ranch, his father having died a while after they have made their peace. Therefore, we have all the family, domestic stuff out of the way within minutes. Also, I'd have Rambo's mental state detoriate, bringing flashbacks from his past back, reveal some nasty truths about what he may have done in Vietnam and kill him off galantly at the end. Rambo 4 had it's moments, but it wasn't the ending that the brilliant character in First Blood (not the cliche from 2 & 3) deserved.

Actually, thinking about it - introducing a previously unknown half brother into the mix might be an idea too and maybe bring David Caruso along to tie it in with First Blood.

Anyway, as I said I'd welcome a fifth film, I just want to see more Rambo action this time

JIm R -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (17/10/2011 11:27:55 AM)

The last film tied so much togther with the final shot, there is no need for any more beyond Stallone's will to want to do another. As a story, it's complete. Any more would reduce the impact of RAMBO.

Owen Williams -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (17/10/2011 11:51:44 AM)


DazDaMan -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (17/10/2011 1:06:04 PM)

I agree with Sutty, the fourth film tied things up perfectly.

A fifth film, while it would indeed be a kick-ass ride, just isn't necessary!

Scott_ -> RE: Rambo V: Last Stand (17/10/2011 1:09:47 PM)

I'd much rather see Cliffhanger 2.

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