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Empire Admin -> The Thing Prequel's Stars Talk Carpenter (5/10/2011 4:50:28 PM)

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chris wootton -> (5/10/2011 4:50:28 PM)

I've been slightly obsessing over this film for about a year now. At first I was very disappointed with how it looked after seeing the trailer but I have to say that I'm more excited about this now. The website went live this week and the film does look pretty cool. I'm a huge fan of Carpenter's version and nothing will touch that but I genuinely think that this will be an entertaining chapter in the Thing universe. Bring on December 2nd

chris wootton -> Oh and (5/10/2011 4:51:48 PM)

That's just the trailer.. no interviews there at all

Ryan741 -> (5/10/2011 5:23:57 PM)

Just the trailer, what are you guys on about? Fucking chech the stuff you are on about lol.

Ali Plumb -> My mistake (5/10/2011 5:25:30 PM)

Wrong bloody code, sorry you guys.

The Jackal -> Well..... (5/10/2011 5:31:43 PM)

That told me nothing.

mogwatch -> Its a prequel, not a remake (5/10/2011 9:18:04 PM)

When has a prequel ever been a remake? has it got the same character's in it? nooooo
Has it the same story? noooo
Does the film take place prior to the events in John Carpenters film? yeeeeesh

fish that roared -> Nostromo (5/10/2011 10:42:19 PM)

One of the dudes being interviewwed was wearing the Nostromo t-shirt from Last Exit. It would have been better if he'd been wearing the one from the Thing but you can't have everything, which brings me nicely to the movie.
Not a whole lot of Norwegian being spoken by the mysterious Norwegian scientists. Apart from that it looks ok, CGI monsters could work but I'll have a warm fuzzy place for Carpenter's take on the Thing from Another World.

willy2fly -> THERE IS A 3RD MOVIE IN DEVELOPMENT! (6/10/2011 9:28:02 AM)

Thats right folks, an insider close to the writing team behind the upcoming prequel to THE THING has told me that plans for a 3rd movie are at the conceptual stage. Apparently, the plan is to stick with the same formula but move the setting from the Artic to a Carribean Island. We can expect 'Da Ting' sometime around 2014.

Snoogins. x

Bobby TwoTimes -> Was going alright... (6/10/2011 9:42:31 AM)

...until the creature burst out of the block of ice. Looks like the same sh!t CGI that's been ruining films for the past decade!

Ghostwhowatchesmen -> Oh dear. (6/10/2011 10:11:53 AM)

CGI is too clean. You could put this on any particular saturday morning and the kids will enjoy. I know I won't.

sroey -> RE: Oh dear. (6/10/2011 11:42:34 AM)

I have been sold on this up until some guy being interviewed said it was a 'Fun, Scary film' (something along those lines but he definitely said FUN)

The first film was anything but fun! Brilliant but not fun...[:D]

paddy ding dong -> EXCITED...MUCH (8/10/2011 12:39:12 PM)

The proof is in theee eatin, so they say. Bring on Dec 2nd. I Pissed myself with excitement when i found out ole Hollywood wer doin a Prequel to this amazing film, an so wot if therz sum cgi, its the 21st century for f`s sake, giv em a break cos it al looks fuckin awsome.............

CousinAcrossthePond -> Re: 'Re: Oh, Dear'.... (10/10/2011 12:49:42 PM)

Remember.....theyre actors. Not wordsmiths. And being horrified, frightened, startled and freaked out are all signs of a fun ride of a horror film. If you dont want a fun horror film (dont confuse satyrical tone of the 'Scream' series or slapstick of the 'Scary Movie' series with their use of the word 'fun') you might be inclined to see 'Human Centipede 2' which I absolutely promise you will not be a 'fun scary movie'. Trust me on this.

CousinAcrossthePond -> Just Saw 'The Thing' (14/10/2011 3:32:06 PM)

Was it worth waiting on for 30 years? Nah. Does it answer the question raised by Carpenter's classic? Yes. Spends lots of time making sure it covers its ass in the respect. The minute the creature appears, it never slows down. I had issues with the pacing and trying to please the masses with the creature onslaught. The CGI looks crappy but overall, its an effective mix of CGI and 3 diminisional models. It was good gory fun.

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