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Empire Admin -> New Avengers Pics Online (4/10/2011 12:03:11 PM)

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theforbidden1 -> (4/10/2011 12:03:11 PM)

The second image shows Joss Whedon chatting up Black Widow, whilst his clone watches from the background

edhockey08 -> (4/10/2011 12:24:31 PM)

Did Scarlett Johansson have a really hot curry prior to picture 3 being taken? *childish giggle*

Snake-Eyes -> *YYAAAAWWWWWWNNN*..... (4/10/2011 12:45:17 PM)

Sorry, what...?

potemkin1925 -> Why no pics of Ruffalo? (4/10/2011 1:52:26 PM)

Is it because of the lousey way Feige treated Norton?
Does he actually think hiding will make people forget? Dope!!!

It could have just absolutely unreal with RDJ trying to get a rise out of Norton's Banner.

However, Norton has moved on and Ruffalo seems genuinely excited about being in the project.

So how about it Marvel? Show some Banner.

Plus, as much as I love the current animated series, I hope Whedon's Hulk is the primitive Hulk like in Norton's movie.

MusicLovesYou -> I think they're deliberately not showing any Hulk... (4/10/2011 3:31:46 PM)

...and waiting for the first proper trailer much nearer to the time the film is out before revealing him. Sensible move, because if that Comic-Con poster of them all is anything to go buy, the Hulk is going to look absolutely fookin' awesome!

archie119 -> (4/10/2011 8:09:57 PM)

Now I am not one of those cynics that slates before they are released and I am keen to see this but there is something about the look of these pics that puts me off. It's certainly not scarlet johansson, but I always feel that unlike the Nolan Batman movies which are very 'grown up' the Marvel movies seem to be more kiddie friendly. I enjoyed Iron man and Thor but all these colourful costumes together just looks a bit, well pants! And that captain America costume with the wings on the head gear looks ridiculous.

Hael -> Hulk 'Banner-man'.. (5/10/2011 9:55:16 AM)

Bring out the Banner.. being a CG element would probably explain his absence, i guess? (Hulk hopefully will be the same as we saw him - albeit with Banner more in control - in the 'Incredible Hulk'..?)

Hael -> Marvel gives you wings.. (Yay!) (5/10/2011 10:13:29 AM)


Well, I do like Cap's wing's on his headgear, it's good to see a realistic rendering of him that is true to the comics. Good job.

My only concern, which is further highlighted by these shots, is that our Cap' will do the same mistake as Sly's 'Judge Dread' and spend most of the Movie with-out his mask on.. (I realise there are times Cap becomes Steve, but very rarely do you see Cap 'in action' with-out his cowl in place, right?)

As for worries that the bright costumes will clash.. ..I'm not concerned. That was never a problem in print, it shouldn't be on film - correct use of lighting elements combined with Whedons Directorial powers will be equal to this challenge.

ronniem -> ummmm.... (5/10/2011 1:51:08 PM)

It will obviously rake it in at the box-office, but I'm not totally convinced with this someone said...Two people in superhero gear is normally enough to suspend people's disbelief for 2 hours...not one with the whole cast vying for attention...not sure...bring on Dark Knight Rises!

nKutzler -> Could Work (5/10/2011 3:23:17 PM)

A couple things- not a huge fan of Whedon, never caught my attention and I hate the after credits of Thor. But these pics may prove that the Avengers will work better than I expected- I still hope Favreau is a big part, I loved his ensemble casting in Iron Man 2. Too bad Happy, Pepper and War Machine don't look like they'll show.
I'm happy no Ruffalo, still not convinced about him.
I hope Cap's story works out well for this, otherwise I see that First Avenger would be absolutely pointless. I didn't like it very much, but it could play in Avengers very well if his allegiance to the team is strained but he has to help the country. But his new costume is so ridiculous on screen, I'm sorry.

potemkin1925 -> RE: I think they're deliberately not showing any Hulk... (5/10/2011 9:51:28 PM)


I didn't mean Hulk - I meant Banner himself.

I know Hulk is a work in progress - in fact I don't want to see Hulk until the movie itself.

potemkin1925 -> RE: Hulk 'Banner-man'.. (5/10/2011 9:52:43 PM)

I do hope so.

potemkin1925 -> RE: archie119 (5/10/2011 9:59:26 PM)

archie119, if by "grown up" you dark in nature - that is what Batman is all about. Fun, but dramatic.

Most other DC superheroes are lighter in tone.

Marvel, and these movies especially are big fun, adventure movies. They take their fun seriously [:)]

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