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willkillyoulast -> Let me just say... (28/9/2011 9:52:19 PM)

...first of all, I'm not one to complain about typos, they happen, but methinks you meant 'Vincent', not 'Victor', and also...I really hope this movie is as smart as it has been made out to be. Justin has proved to be more than just a pretty face used by money-craving directors in order to sell a film, but I'm half afraid that this movie is going to do just that, despite Niccol's being a talented and respectable man. I mean, sure, Justin isn't a bad actor, but we have Cillian Murphy, Matt Bomer and the aforementioned Kartheiser, and it just seems strange to stick Boo Boo in there to be the hero (even if the three other actors tend to veer more towards anit-hero roles...) I just hope he doesn't destroy the credibilty he's built up with The Social Network and, erm, Alpha Dog. Anyway, I still really want to see this. Unoriginality and dodgy lead casting aside, it looks enjoyable.

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