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Empire Admin -> Adbuction (28/9/2011 10:46:57 AM)

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Bighousewill -> (1/10/2011 1:44:14 PM)

They gave me a novel for free so two stars from me!

Spaldron -> RE: RE: (1/10/2011 5:21:26 PM)

Saw the trailer for this. Its been described as Bourne-lite, more like Bourne-shite by the looks of it. Think I'll skip this one.

jace007 -> Abducted - the public weren't. (2/10/2011 10:49:04 AM)

The problem with this film is that Taylor clearly cannot act and the irony girls find this pug-nosed smurf attractive, still makes me laugh.

John Singleton - another hard-edged director who's sold out, thanks douchebag!

Bighousewill -> RE: RE: (2/10/2011 2:57:51 PM)

Did you get a free book though? Free books are always nice!

tysmuse -> Oh come on, it's dreadful!! (2/10/2011 8:04:07 PM)

Astonishingly awful. I've never seen Taylor Lautner before, he's rubbish! He can't act WHATSOEVER. And the 'love interest' has the fattest eyebrows ever! How did the filmmakers not realise?? She looks ridiculous. Dreadful stuff from start to finish.

spamandham -> Lern 2 spel (4/10/2011 12:48:04 AM)


Empires spelling is as good as this rotten turd of a film.

Someone please take an injunction out against any cast member of twilight from ever appearing in any more films.

bretty -> Utter dog's ploppy (5/10/2011 6:00:18 PM)

Lazy plot, massive plot holes and a leaden acting from Taylor Lautner. In the end I was with the bad guys and wanted him killed too,
I got in 'free' with my cineworld card, but i still want my money back.

lewisb548 -> A mere time killer. (19/2/2012 8:41:30 PM)

What can I say? My hopes weren't high for Abduction- I wasn't expecting an action packed hard hitting film with a bright young face as its lead but rather I was expecting that wolf guy from 'Twilight' getting chased by guys in suits and trying to act like a tough young boy to prove himself as an actor. In a way I was right Taylor Lautner is getting chased by a bunch of suits who are intent on killing him for some reason because their after some sort of list that makes Alfred Molina look bad- he's the closest thing we get to a hero in this mess and Lautner is the closest thing we get to an action hero in this flick.
Lautner tries his best which in actual fact isn't that great, his vain attempts at acting like a tough guy are diminished by the dreaded 12A action flick but in a way this can be called Kiddie born because the real title makes no sense- when was there a fucking abduction! Not once in the fucking film!!
The storys kind of simple Lautner is a typical cool kid at high school with genuine brains and 'heart' to me he seems like the kind of douchebag that strolls the hall ways of any high school with the whole world in the palm of his hands when in reality he's got a little crush on the girl next door Lily Collins who puts on possibly the worst performance of 2011. She cries she snorts she screams and then she cries some more. Theres a scene where she makes a blatant attempt at being sexy but comes of as rather creepy- to say the least the henchmen in this film looked like the sort of creeps you see hanging around a playground. A playground would be more fun than this movie, the closest thing we get to comic relief would be Sigourney Weavers brief appearance.
Seeing Lautners fake parents get shot down by two random assassins was kind of sad and a little pointless as were their motives. In terms of explaining all the shit that goes down the writers just kind of pile on load after load of random shit that keeps us guessing yet wants us to be surprised but the plot twists are so ludicrously stupid that we as the audience just dont give a shit.
The acting is far from good Lautner is in-capable of portraying teen angst mainly because when he shouts in this movie his voice goes really high he cries frequently in this film and even cries when he wakes up in one scene- not once have I seen Jason Bourne cry and yet through his three films he gets shot numerous times- poor old Lautner cant carry the weight of this film but despite his many flaws as an actor I can put up with him; Lily collins I cannot she is one of the worst fucking actresses on the face of the earth- I hate her just because of her acting- she sucks.
Alfred Molina is good as the villain- well he's kind of the villain he's after some sort of list of names that Lautner has a-hold of and hes trying to delete his name from said list before someone in a better looking suit tells him off.
Michael Nyqvist last seen as the basically mute villain in Mission Impossible Four appears here because he either needed money or he wanted to be a villain that talked- I suggest he sticks to the mute film roles because when he begins shouting he has some laugh worthy dialogue as does Lautner and the closest thing he comes to actor upon actor chemistry is when he's talking to Sigourney Weaver who kind of disappears for most of the film.
In terms of substance Abduction lacks good dialogue and action and suffers from piss poor performances on the part of Lily Collins. Lautner shares a nice little make out session with her and he seems way too experienced with kissing her for a gay guy. Yes ladies! He's gay- slightly surprising because if that boy was straight he would be fucking like there was no tommorow.
The action when it comes around is out of the blue and very short in its length- some of the action is so abrupt thats its quite funny and the action and shitty acting gave me a few good laughs. I wouldn't pay to see this- which is why I watched it on DVD at my friend Johns house. The ending is good- I'll give the writers that but the dialogue falls flat and Lily Collins tries to capsize this ship of a movie which is in desperate need of sinking.
I don't really recommend this to anyone unless there is absolutely nothing at all on TV.
This is quite awful but for me this was a so bad its good type of film.
But its mainly bad. 7.5/10. The bad acting and out of the blue action sequences were quite funny and the techno beats were quite nice and can go well with any fight scene.

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