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The Hooded Man -> RE: Raw And Memorable, Just Like The Sport (5/9/2012 2:07:49 PM)

Watched this last night and I'm wondering if it's the most disappointing ending I've ever seen. Disappointing in that Escape To Victory has a more realistic ending. Hardy was superb in it though, he really brought a level of intensity and class, along with Nick Nolte that the rest of the film was sadly lacking. The final fight scene felt like it was reshot it was so out of synch with the rest of the film, I wonder did the studio put the foot down to ensure the standard formulaic ending. A five-star film for the first two thirds, but then a lot of what worked is unravelled thanks to a cop-out ending that seemed more at home in a Karate Kid film.

bryanbotsareli -> RE: Raw And Memorable, Just Like The Sport (20/9/2012 7:18:22 AM)

No way, this film was perfect I was engrossed all the way to the end. It ticked all the boxes, a great nights entertainment

kumar -> RE: Raw And Memorable, Just Like The Sport (3/10/2012 8:30:13 PM)

Its extremely difficult to describe such a brutish movie as anything else. The fact it managed to also contain scenes of elegance and raw emotion from the full spectrum is very impressive. Fantastic performances from all around, this is far more than simply a "modernised rocky clone". This is a must watch, it really is fantastic [:)]

Vidal -> RE: Enter Ahab (5/10/2012 4:10:34 AM)

Hardy was incredible.

antosh25 -> Shine on ! Nick Nolte. (4/11/2012 10:10:37 AM)

If it weren't for Nolte ...........This film would have been rubbish.

stevos -> 90% melodrama, 5% sentimentality, 5% Nick Nolte and Tom Hardy mumbling. (15/12/2012 12:07:37 AM)

Still enjoyably good though- even though the outline was probably written by a computer.

david hayes -> 3 star film (4/3/2013 3:56:38 PM)

Okay, but very overated.
Not even better than The Fighter.
So predictable, you cannot believe it's actually over when it is

lazaskey -> Good movie but usual cheats (29/6/2015 2:42:12 PM)

The fight was fixed. But this time it was by the screen writers. Shame on you. Tommy won every fight within a few seconds but pitted against his brother with eyes like pissholes in the snow he lost. How????

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