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Empire Admin -> Entourage: The 20 Best Cameos (13/9/2011 6:22:24 PM)

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Whistler -> (13/9/2011 6:22:24 PM)

I miss Entourage already.

Steorra -> (14/9/2011 11:28:45 AM)

Great list, really gonna miss the show! Would have included the Zac Efron cameo though, really made me laugh and it was also a great moment for Ari getting one over on Adam Davies.

discodave101 -> Maaaaaatt Daaaaamon (14/9/2011 1:39:03 PM)

Matt Damon wins hands down, with Ralf Macchio 2nd.

Drama's line to Vince when he hands him the phone after Matt calls his bluff on Vinny being there is pure Johnny Drama classic "Sorry Bro, he Jason Bourned me!"

Pala36 -> (15/9/2011 12:00:55 PM)

Paulie Shore was the best cameo, I love the hatred between him and Drama

Porter -> This really annoys me.... (15/9/2011 12:59:36 PM)

...you devote a whole section to a TV show, albeit one about the industry, but can't find the compassion to write even a single line about the passing of Spartacus' Andy Whitfield this week. I know he's not box office or Hollywood-enough for much more than a slugline or two, but he had a promising future. Come on Empire. You're better than this.

Pala36 -> (15/9/2011 2:23:28 PM)

Paulie Shore was the best cameo, I love the hatred between him and Drama

QuietLife -> Scarlett... (16/9/2011 2:43:34 PM)

I'd have to put a vote in for Scarlett Johansson at the end of Season 1. It really made a statement about the level of celebrity associated with the show and really puts Vince's credentials out there!

Man I'm gonna' miss Entourage...

jonwturner -> Val kilmer! (18/9/2011 12:33:38 PM)

Great feature on my all-time favourite show (on a par with the Sopranos) but how can you miss out Val Kilmer's appearance as the sherpa?! and kanye was worth a mention!

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